Donald Trump, not a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen, says ‘for me he was a creep’ – World News

US President Donald Trump said he is not a fan of the true Baron Cohen on Friday – his lawyer Rudy Giuliani was forced into an odd description even before a clip from the British comedian’s new Borat film.

Asked about the clip – which featured Giuliani in a faked “interview” with an attractive and bubbly young woman – while speaking to reporters aboard the Air Force, Trump said “I don’t know what happened . ”

“But years ago, you know, he tried to scam me. And I was the only person who said no way. He’s a stupid person. And I don’t find him funny.”

Trump said the incident occurred about 15 years ago, meaning that he was referring to Baron Cohen’s 2003 interview with him while playing Ali G, where the wannabe gangster gave Trump his latest business venture – Special gloves for eating ice cream.

“To me that was a creep,” Trump said.

As the plot of the new Borat film goes on, Baron Cohen’s latest insulting words of derogatory words have spread like wildfire on the contestants.

Giuliani expressed his displeasure after being trapped in a fake hotel room “interview” with a young woman on Wednesday.

In the film, the encounter appears to leave the 76-year-old former New York mayor in a highly objectionable position, who was handcuffed under his pants in the bedroom.

Giuliani said Wednesday’s scene was “a complete fabrication.”

“I was stuck in my shirt after being removed from the recording device. Never before, during an interview, or after that was I inappropriate, ”he tweeted.

“If the true Baron Cohen means otherwise it is a stone’s lie.”

Trump made the remark after he moved from Pensacola, Florida, to West Palm Beach.

Republican President, former reality TV star and real estate mogul began an intense last-ditch reunion push in Florida on Friday.

Polls show him well behind Democratic challenger Joe Biden before the November 3 presidential election.



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