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Donald Trump: NFL players kneeling during the anthem should not be in the country

1 . The easiest solution to the situation of the national anthem would be to stop playing the anthem before each sporting event.

Obviously, this will never happen because the leagues do not want to be accused of not being patriotic, but in reality, the anthem game before each sporting event in 2018 is done by tradition, not by patriotism. And God does not allow us to get involved with tradition.

But Donald Trump, who tries to play at his base, has made the theme of the national anthem about the army. And the scared owners of the NFL, who only care about money and nothing else, do not want to upset Trump or his followers. Of course, the military has nothing to do with why certain players decided to kneel during the performance of the anthem.

In fact, it seems that everyone has forgotten why Colin Kaepernick initially decided to kneel while the anthem sounded. Here is a reminder:

"I'm not going to stand up to show pride in the flag of a country that oppresses blacks and people of color," Kapernick said in 2016. "For me, this is bigger than the And it would be selfish of me to look the other way, there are bodies in the street and the people who charge go and go unpunished with murder. "

Naturally, Donald Trump and the NFL do not want to address that issue. They want to focus on the buzzwords, "respect," "military," "troops," and do all this about false patriotism.

My question is this: why are only athletes and people at sporting events those who have to be subjected to the anthem?

Why is not the anthem played in theaters before a movie starts?
Why not play before a Broadway show starts?
Why do not you play before a flight takes off?

The answer is simple: because it is tradition to play it before a sporting event. Not because we have to take the time of our day to "respect the flag".

Former NFL quarterback Sage Rosenfels does it.

And if Donald Trump – who does not even know the words of the national anthem – loves the anthem so much and feels the hymn with such passion, I have more questions:

Donald Trump makes them play the anthem before playing golf every weekend?
Why is not the anthem played every day before Sarah Huckabee Sanders has her daily media briefing?
Should not you play before your speech about the State of the Union?

But instead, Trump has put the whole focus on the NFL players, whom he called sons of bitches because he has to pretend to be more patriotic than the others. And just this morning he said that if a player does not represent the anthem, maybe they should not be in the country.

Again, classic fake patriotism.

And remember one thing: the owners of the NFL want you to think they care so much about the anthem and want them to believe they are more patriotic than most people, but the league does not force the chains that broadcast the games (CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN) to broadcast the anthem before each game. Instead, while the fans in the stadiums are standing and the song plays, the NFL and the networks are making money by transmitting commercials. Patriotism at its best

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