Donald Trump Jr. is being examined by New York prosecutors in Trump’s trade investigation

For months, some of Donald Trump’s top advisers have assured him that he has virtually nothing to fear from the Manhattan district attorney’s tax investigation, which they see simply as “fishing” for information. But investigators at the district attorney’s office have been expanding their criminal investigation into Trump’s business empire, asking questions and cross-examining witnesses, as recently as in recent days, not just about Trump but about his eldest son in particular. , Don Jr., and Allen Weisselberg. , one of the former president’s most trusted officers, The Daily Beast learned.

This latest round of interest in the activities of Trump Jr. and Weisselberg, as well as other new developments, underscores the resources and gravity that New York prosecutors are devoting to the investigation, just as Trump continues to publicly denounce the investigation as another example. Democrats. mess with him.

For years, Weisselberg has served loyally as the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer and has been an integral part of independent investigations far beyond the team of Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance. (Vance’s specific interest in Weisselberg, however, dates back to 2019). Weisselberg has been a recurring character in other investigations by the feds and on Capitol Hill. including for his alleged role in planning a plot to hide the secret money bounty directed by Trump during the 2016 election from pornographic movie star and alleged Trump lover, Stormy Daniels. A resulting federal investigation that occurred during Trump’s presidency ended up jailing former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, in part because of his role in that payment, which was a violation of campaign finance law.


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