Donald Trump is “begging for war”, says North Korea as the United States prepares for the air exercise with South Korea –

Donald Trump is “begging for war”, says North Korea as the United States prepares for the air exercise with South Korea


North Korea claimed that Donald Trump was "begging for war" when the United States announced it would carry out the largest aerial drilling ever undertaken with South Korea in the coming week.

The simulation is scheduled to take place from December 4 to 8. , in what the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggested was a demonstration of the "nuclear war mania" of the United States, underlining previous comments made by the isolated nation that suggest that the United States is trying to provoke a nuclear attack, Bloomberg reported

"If the Korean peninsula and the world are involved in the crucible of nuclear war due to the reckless nuclear war of the United States, the United States should accept the full responsibility for it, "said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. in a statement shared by the state news agency of Central Korea on Saturday.

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When North Korea commented on the situation, White Hou National Security Advisor, HR McMaster, commented that the threat from Pyongyang "increases day a day".

The simulation and North Korea's subsequent comments on the move come a few days after the launch of a North Korean missile that reached a level approximately 2,800 miles above the Earth (more than 10 times higher than the Station). International Space).

That launch prompted a comment from UN Ambbadador Nikki Haley that the North Korean regime would be "completely destroyed" by a nuclear war, while emphasizing that this was not the result that the United States wanted.

"We have never sought the North Korean war, and we still do not seek it today," Haley said during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council this week.

"If the war comes, it will be because of the continuous acts of aggression as we witnessed yesterday, and if the war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be completely destroyed," Haley added.

Neither the United States nor North Korea have departed from fiery rhetoric as relations between the two nations become increasingly tense.

I just heard the Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at the UN. If you echo the thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they will not be there for long!

– Donald J. Trump (@ realDonaldTrump) September 24, 2017

For his part, President Donald Trump warned that acts of aggression by North Korea will be met with "fire and fury", and will also refer to Kim Jong Un as "small rocket man" in a series of comments and tweets on the subject. [19659013] [ad_2]
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