Donald Trump appeals to white suburban voters for racial dog-whistles. News of america

Donald Trump said Wednesday that Americans “living the suburban lifestyle dream” will no longer be “bothered” by low-income housing in their communities, racial apprehensions among the thriving, white voters leaving the Republican Party under his leadership A clear attempt to provoke. .

The remarks are part of a pattern of US presidents as they have tried to rebuild their standing in the suburbs, which includes their president’s aggressive response to nationwide protests against the coronovirus epidemic and economic recession, as well as systemic There is a pit between the failure of administration. Racism, which suggests the support of most Americans in elections.

“I am happy to inform everyone who dreams of their suburban lifestyle that you will not be disturbed or financially hurt by having low-income housing in your neighborhood,” Trump traveled to Texas on Wednesday. “Your housing prices will increase depending on the market, and crime will decrease. I have repealed the Obama-Biden AFFH rule. Enjoy it!”

The tweet states that there is an Obama-era program designed to combat racial segregation in the American suburbs. The rule, implemented in 2015, requires cities and towns that receive federal funds to identify patterns of racial prejudice and take corrective action to remove discrimination.

Last week, the administration announced it would cancel the program, agreeing with conservative critics that fair-local policy moves federal communities to local communities.

In the announcement, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, called the program “complex, expensive and ineffective” and said it would be replaced by a new rule called “the choice of protected community and neighborhood”.

Trump previewed his administration’s plan to speed the policy earlier this month, a day after he posted a video of an angry, white couple who brandished firearms in the direction of protesters, who in St. Louis Marched from his mansion inside a gated community. The couple was later charged with unlawful use of a weapon.

Once a cornerstone of the Republican base, suburban voters and especially suburban women will likely play a key role in determining control of the Senate and White House.

Democrats gained control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections by storm through once-Republican districts from California and Texas to Virginia and Georgia. The current poll shows Joe Biden, presumed Democratic candidate, in part by his support of college-educated women and suburban voters.

An ABC News / Washington Post poll found Biden ahead of Trump by nine percentage points among suburbanites. Among suburban women, Biden led Trump by a margin of 60% to 36%. In contrast, Biden narrowly edged Trump among suburban men, 49% to 45%.

In recent weeks, Trump has shed some degree of subtlety in his appeal to this constituency.

The 1950s sitcom Leave It to Beaver, which appears to surround Trump’s vision of the suburbs. Photo: ZUMA Press, Inc. Alami

“Suburban housewives of America should read this article,” Trump Tweeted On Thursday, former New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey shared a New York Post op-ed claiming Biden’s policies would devastate the country’s suburbs.

Trump offers a caricature of suburbs that seem to rip from Leave It to Beaver, a 1950s sitcom about a white, middle-class American family. But the image differs from the current reality of suburban America, which has changed politically and geographically over the past few decades.

Immigrants and people of color have moved to the suburbs, diversifying into communities that were once predominantly white. Meanwhile, college-educated voters – and white women in particular – have fled the Republican Party, part of a gradual political realization that Trump has helped accelerate.


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