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Donald Glover Drew & # 39; Atlanta & # 39; Season 2 Inspiration by & # 39; Tiny Toons & # 39;

The creator of the Emmy-winning series also reveals why the second season is titled "Robbin & # 39; Season & # 39;

The cast and creators of Atlanta are dropping clues about the highly anticipated second season of Atlanta .

To begin with, season 2 received the title & # 39; Robbin Season & # 39; . & # 39; So when the mastermind of the Emmy-winning series, Donald Glover, and some of the actors and producers of the show were present to answer questions about upcoming episodes on the press tour of the Television Critics Association on Friday in Pasadena, California , naturally you wonder the new name came up. Stephen Glover, Donald's brother and writer of the show, shed some light on the new title.

It turns out that it's a time in Atlanta that takes place just before Christmas and New Year where there is an increase in crime in the city. "People have to receive Christmas presents, so it's a time when the robbery will come in. They may steal the package from the porch," he said, adding that his neighbor had his car stolen when they were recording the second season. . "It's just a very tense and desperate moment."

The writers chose to make that the backdrop of the new season, as it fit well with the journeys of the characters. "Our characters are going through crazy and desperate transitions, so Robbin & # 39; Season is a kind of metaphor for all of our characters," he said. The new season that premieres on March 1 will continue to follow young manager Earn Marks (Donald Glover) as he tries to launch the rap race of his cousin Alfred Miles (Brian Tyree Henry).

Another great influence on the second season of Atlanta ? Tiny Toons Adventures the animated comedy of the early 90s about young cartoon characters. " We just got into this as," Why are we going to do season 2? Everyone makes season 2! "And in the writers room, we talked a lot about How I spent my summer vacation for Tiny Toons – which was a show that we all liked a lot – and it was a kind of inspiration for season 2, "said Donald, adding that it was the" favorite of writers as children. "

Stephen went on to explain that the floors of Summer Vacation were divided into several episodes, between 8 and 9, and that the viewers could see them all together as if it were a movie or separated in deliveries "They would play during the summer together, and somehow we got that idea, a complete story, but they told us in a lot of different parts," he said, and his brother said: "You enjoy them more when you they're all together, but you can also enjoy them in bits. "

A place where the Glovers did not look for the prospect of season 2 was the previous season of the series. " We do not think so much about season 1 because I think that if you do that like any producer, you become risk averse, which I really think is bad for art," Donald said. He said. "We do not look back and think: & # 39; What are the things that will make people happy? & # 39; We really just try to improve ourselves and we always try to do something different to the first season".

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