Don Cheadle does not want to do "Avengers" with Mark Ruffalo

Don Cheadle is erring on the side of caution.

During an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday, Cheadle, 54, revealed that he probably will not be making any press with his co-star "Avengers: Endgame," Mark Ruffalo.

"Mouth runs," Cheadle joked, apparently referring to Ruffalo's story of giving away spoilers.

"Why do I need that annoyance, right?" Asked the actor, who plays War Machine with Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner / The Hulk in the Marvel movies.

"I do not need to be sitting next to him when he exploits all the revelation of the movie," Cheadle added. "He, Tom Holland, both … are not very talkative."

In 2017, Ruffalo, 51, shared the infamous story about the end of "Avengers: Infinity War" while doing an interview for "Good Morning America" ​​with Cheadle.

At that time, the interviewer asked the stars if they managed to save Asgard in the last installment of the franchise, to which Ruffalo asked Cheadle if he could reveal "a little".

"I would not say too much, but you can say so much, I mean, hey, it's your career," Cheadle replied.

Ruffalo began to say that the ending was "like all other Marvel movies" and, ultimately, simply "does not end well for superheroes", but moments later, he exclaimed: "Wait until you see this next one! die! "

"Dude! Dude! Dude!" Cheadle answered, visibly shaken, shaking his head.

Realizing his mistake, Ruffalo asked his co-star: "Am I in trouble?"

"A little," admitted Cheadle before suggesting that Ruffalo "just move on" from the comment.

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