Dominion sends legal letter to conservative media warning of ‘imminent’ action

The letters, which were distributed earlier this week, were sent to Fox News hosts Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobb, and Sean Hannity; Right-wing media personality Rush Limba; Head of Newsmax, OAN, Fox News, The Epoch Times; Lawyer Lynn Wood, and others.

CNN reported on Wednesday that the high-level defamation law firm representing Dominion preserved all records related to the company at the center of Trump’s conspiracy theories and warnings, sending letters to White House attorney Pat Cipollon and President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani Was instructed to do. Giuliani said that legal action is “imminent.”

The chief executive of the Dominion voting system did not rule out taking legal action against Trump on Thursday as the electoral technology company has targeted conspiracy theories about voter fraud following Trump’s electoral defeat for the presidential election.

CEO John Pauls confirmed on CNN’s “New Day” that the company would take legal action against several individuals for “promoting lies and abetting those lies … on various media platforms from Election Day.”

Asked whether Dominion feared taking legal action against Trump himself, Polos said the company “sees exactly what it has made, and repeated, and amplified the inaccurate statements that our company has made.” And are degrading and harmful to our election. “

Again on whether the president would be inducted, Polo replied: “We will not ignore anyone.”


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