Dolly Parton fans jokingly say that the singer has fixed ‘coronovirus’ after donating $ 1m to scientists working on the modern vaccine test

Dolly Parton fans jokingly said that the singer has “cured the coronovirus” after donating $ 1m (£ 756,000) to scientists working on the vaccine.

“Dolly Parton donated $ 1 million to vaccine research for Vaccinebuilt. Vanderbilt researchers were involved in the modern trials. Ergo, Dolly Parton helped to cure Kovid,” one fan joked.

Another said that the connection is “further proof that @dolliparton is the best source in the world these days”.

“Dolly Parton funded the vaccine and it’s the first thing that has made any sense in a long time,” one fan joked.

Another tweet stated that Dolly Parton was involved in funding the research for the Morden vaccine, which has proven to be 95% effective.

Speaking about his decision to donate to Vanderbilt earlier this year, Parton wrote: “My longtime friend Dr. Nazi Abumrad, who had been involved in Vanderbilt’s research for many years, informed me that he was doing some exciting work for coronovirus research. treatment.

“I’m donating $ 1 million to Vanderbilt towards that research and to encourage those who can afford to build it.”

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