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Dollar General, Dollar Tree Pop; The tide becomes the fight of the Deckers table– ICYMI

The Nasdaq led the major averages on Thursday, while the Dow and S & P broke their losing streak. The heavyweights of Dow General Electric Co. (GE) and Boeing Co. (BA) helped pull the Dow out of its recent depression.

On the other hand, some actions that have been rising under the radar were news today. Dollar General Corp. (DG) and its out-of-price competitor Dollar Tree Inc. (DLTR) have been rising slowly, with the previous recent increase of 14% in the last month.

"These stores and Dollar Tree have become go-to for vacation expenses," Jim Cramer wrote today on Real Money, TheStreet's premium site for merchants. "The fact that sales are so strong again tells us that it could be a very exciting time in the retail sector."

Wall Street applauded these retailers Thursday and Wednesday with updates and target price rises but, according to Cramer, the store's dollar store conviction is not as strong as should be. "Why do not people believe it? Simple: we are very depressed, we do not know what is really happening, there is a discomfort on Wall Street for the things that consumers do," he said, adding that we should appreciate the retail rally in general. Certainly stores, such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General, given their relative floor during difficult economic times. "It's not all Amazon, it's almost the whole world [right now]."

From retailers to retail sale. The influential investor consulting firm Institutional Shareholder Services recommended the shareholders of the bootmaker UGG Deckers Outdoor Corp. (DECK) to support three dissident director candidates nominated by activist Mick McGuire.

The ISS recommendation is a big boost to McGuire's efforts to have Deckers cut costs, close retail stores and auction off at least some smaller brands if a full sale fails. ISS had initially urged shareholders on December 1 to oppose McGuire's nominees.

Meanwhile, once again, it's time to negotiate strategies. TheStreet and its premium site RealMoney.com are out with their best commercial ideas for 2018.

In the first installment, Real Money columnists Ed Ponsi and Stephen Guilfoyle tell what sectors / shares can win while Trump is traded in the Year New.

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Photo of the day: an additional benefit for House of Mouse

It's a Storm Trooper dancing with X-Men's Storm, understand it … Right? My apologies. Anyway, the story of who owns the rights to these toys in particular is quite interesting, and it is certainly an additional benefit to the Walt Disney Co. (DIS) search of the Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. movie ( FOXA) and television studios. The agreement would help fix some problems for House of Mouse. While Disney has perfected the IP change process of its film franchises through its merchandising business and theme parks, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avatar are anomalies. Disney bought X-Men and Fantastic Four, Marvel Entertainment Inc. in 2009 for $ 4.3 billion, but Fox is entitled to make movies for the franchises. And as long as Fox makes a new movie within a specified time period again and again, they can own the franchises indefinitely, for a fee. Disney bought Lucasfilm, the creator of Star Wars, for $ 4 billion in 2012 and has certainly put that orange juice into juice. Buying Fox's assets would allow him to do the same with Storm, Wolverine, Professor X and the rest of the X-Men team.

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