DOJ should target Netflix on ‘low’ ‘cutis’ film: rape bank

The controversial Netflix film “Cutice” is “Despicable”, Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind, told Fox News on Sunday that “Netflix should be punished” for featuring the film, which he says eroticises children.

The film focuses on an 11-year-old Senegalese immigrant living in Paris, who joins a group of girls who call themselves “Cuties” – and perform extremely provocative and erotic dance numbers, all the while rebelling against them. in the form of. Her conservative Muslim parents.

“We are sexually abusing children from our culture,” Banks told Sunday in “Fox and Friends Weekend”. “That’s what’s disgusting about it and that’s why so many Americans are offended by this film being readily available to our children.”

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Netflix’s decision to show the film has sparked an online protest petition and a trending Twitter hashtag on #Cancelixflix.

“As a father of three little girls; Eleven, nine and seven, I can tell you, like many other parents, it is very difficult for the police to see what our children see today, ”Banks said.

“Interpark artwork” is being used on behalf of Netflix, which is for films about young people.

“Kids don’t watch TV like you and I’ve watched TV, they stream it. They stream it to devices and it’s so hard to stop watching horrible movies like this ‘cutis’ movie.”

“Cuts” Netflix poster (photo credit: Netflix)

On Friday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called the Justice Department to investigate Netflix and “cuties” filmmakers to see if they break any federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography.

A growing list of federal lawmakers, including Republican senators and banks, reminds that Netflix is ​​streaming the film – sexually abusing young children while claiming comedy-drama and appeals to pedophiles.

Cruz wrote in a letter to Attorney General Bill Baron, “The film regularly paganizes these pre-teens and dances revealing clothes.

Cruise continued: “These scenes are in and of themselves damaging. And chances are that filming of this film created even more explicit and outrageous scenes, and in the future pedophiles worldwide will manipulate and mock this film in derogatory ways . ”

Cruise said the film goes beyond artistic expression. He said that the judicial department has an important role in preventing sexual exploitation of children and enforcing federal criminal law that prohibits the production or distribution of material involved in the sexual exploitation of minors, including the conduct of sexually abusive minors is.

PITITION DEMAND Netflix REMOVE FILM Paired with Sexing Young Girls

“With all due respect to Ted Cruz, we are ahead of the point where we need to investigate,” Banks said Sunday. “That’s why Sen. Tom Cotton and I have called the Department of Justice, to call it, it is trafficking child pornography on Netflix and Netflix, they should be punished, the charges levied on them by the DOJ Must be gone after. Distributing child pornography. ”

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News about a possible criminal investigation into the film. Netflix did not directly address Banks’s comments about a possible DOJ investigation, but said “there is no less nudity in the film.”

Netflix defended “cuties” as actually speaking out against the over-sexual abuse of children in society and urged critics to watch the film to see its perspective.

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“I” is a social comment against sexual exploitation of young children, a spokesperson told Fox News. “It’s an award-winning film and a powerful story about pressurized young girls who thrive on social media and more generally from society – and we would encourage anyone who cares about these important issues to watch the film Does. ”

Fox News’ Marissa Schultes and Brie Stimpson contributed to this report.