Dog walks 62 miles for 2 weeks to return home

A golden retriever dog landed him safely 62 miles (100 kilometers) back home with his humans.

Ping An, whose name almost changes to “safe” (transl) in Chinese, reportedly moved to the eastern Chinese city of Kidong two weeks ago, which is far worse to wear, but recovering well Is, according to social-media sources.

The 1-year-old dog was seen limping outside an office building on October 26 and was allegedly fed “meat buns” and dog food. Her rescue team took care of her immediate injuries, mostly on her feet, then took to social media in hopes of finding her bosses.

When his house was being remodeled, Ping An’s family intended to leave him with friends in Nantong, 62 miles away, for several weeks, so he was not bothered by the constant construction. But four months after their separation, the family found out that their dog had gone missing from their temporary home without a trace.

For weeks, the family worried over Ping An’s whereabouts.

According to the Daily Mail, the spoiled puppy looked “quite depressed after being unable to find its owners”.

“Ping An, you worked hard. You stay home from now. [We] In the video footage shared on Chinese media, its owner said that you will never send him.

The family also told reporters that they would not let Ping An back again.


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