Dog-food recall now includes 18 brands

The US Food and Drug Administration is expanding a dog-food recall of some products from several brands that may contain unsafe levels of a toxin called aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a byproduct of a type of mold (Aspergillus flavus) That according to the FDA, can grow on grains commonly used in pet food. When pets consume too much allatoxin, it can cause illness and, in some severe cases, prolonged liver problems and / or death.

Pet-food manufacturer Sunshine Mills, Inc. Announced voluntary recall on September 2 after the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (DAF) raised aflatoxin levels in dog food bags during routine sample testing. (As of the October 9 announcement by Sunshine Mills, there have been no reports of the disease associated with the recalled products yet.) The initial recall includes 12 different six dog-food products from three different brands.

A subsequent FDA investigation took the products back to a single load of corn containing high levels of aflatoxin that was used as an ingredient in products manufactured from 3 April to 5 April 2020 and distributed nationwide to retailers it was done. On October 8, Sunshine Mills recalled Dog-Food for other products made from that load of corn, adding 15 additional products from 15 more brands (including two cat-food products). Currently, the FDA and the Louisiana DAF from the Sunshine Mills manufacturing plant continue to investigate these and other potentially unsafe corn-based pet foods. They can add new products to the recall list and update this page as they learn more.

If you are one of the products called back, stop feeding it to your pet, throw it away, and consult a veterinarian – especially if your pet is showing signs of aflatoxin poisoning. Symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning may include lethargy, diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting and jaundice (yellowing of eyes or gums). However, it is also possible that pets suffer liver damage from aflatoxin without showing any signs of illness, the FDA says, so you may want to consult a vet even if your pet is working ill Ho. The FDA also recommends cleaning food bowls, scoops and storage containers using bleach and water rinses.

Sunshine Mills says customers can return a partially used bag to the food you bought it for a full refund. And you can report suspected cases of FLalatoxin poisoning to the FDA. By the way: while the F.D.A. Does Pets recommend washing their hands after touching food, with no evidence to suggest that humans are at risk of aflatoxin poisoning by handling products containing aflatoxin in them.



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