Does Russell Wilson’s Market Presence Help Bears … With Deshaun Watson?

The Bears’ 2020 season was just days away when general manager Ryan Pace took a bold approach to fixing the team’s quarterback position this offseason. And while we can talk about sensible options, bridge types, recovery projects and more, there has been a feeling the Bears would be aiming for the moon this offseason, based on the way Pace and head coach Matt Nagy have framed their low season plan.

This brings us to comments from ESPN’s NFL expert Jeff Darlington, who makes some pretty strong hints that connect Chicago to Deshaun Watson’s trade talks:

There’s a lot to soak up during that 58-second clip, but here’s Darlington’s money quote:

“Houston better be careful here. If the Bears decide to go in a different direction, Houston will say, at the end of the day, Why didn’t we do that? Because it’s going to be difficult to find a team that is willing to compromise as much as the Bears will at this point. “

That is certainly strong. It’s also a bit difficult to determine if Darlington intends to be as bold as he sounds, though, in terms of suggesting that the Bears, specifically, are offering an obscene return to Watson right now, and that the Texans are simply refusing to participate.

But more than that, this is the first indication we’ve gotten that, hey, no, seriously, the Bears should be / will be / are in this discussion. Because there is more than the hint that there is an offer. There is an implication that the Bears * do * have enough to catch him and will be * willing * to drop it all. Boing. And then there’s a specific mention of the Bears as * THE TEAM * to try and play through this process. Because if Watson wants to come out and is willing to sit down to prove his point, then the Texans would do well to take advantage of the most hungry franchise for quarterbacks in football and take them clean for a franchise quarterback.

But whatever … the implication that the Bears * are * willing to deliver a monster package * right now * for Watson gets me hooked. Like the idea that there might come a time when Texans general manager Nick Caserio looks back and thinks: Crud, why didn’t we take advantage of the Bears’ desperation when we got the chance? Again, it is a theoretical situation, but it is also a heavy-handed implication. One that conveys the sense of desperation the Bears all feel when it comes to their hunt for quarterbacks.

Ultimately, this brings me back to the Bears who are determined to land an honest franchise quarterback. And that the Texans would be completely foolish if they continued to ignore the Bears’ calls and offers, not only because it could provide them an opportunity to rebuild their team, but also because there is another team with a quarterback that can and easily could. take advantage of the Bears’ willingness to do business at this level: the Seattle Seahawks.

In fact, the Seahawks could demonstrate (and justify) so much interest in the kind of package the Bears are willing to offer Watson, by considering Russell Wilson’s passive-aggressive trade request more seriously. Remember, Wilson’s agent already said that Wilson would consider the Bears (among just three other teams!). And there has already been talk that Wilson sees Chicago as an opportunity to build a legacy. Jimmy Graham is said to be luring Wilson to Chicago by saying nice things about the city and the team.

In the end, the Bears seem ready to deliver a bag of goodies to a top-tier QB who wants to get out of his current predicament. There are two teams that make sense as recipients of the bag. And the minds of the NFL believe that they would be completely foolish if they didn’t want to be the franchise that carries that bag at the end. Buckle up, Bears fans. This could be the kind of hair-pulling fun we all deserve.

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