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Does Meghan Markle have a close friend in the royal family?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been married for less than a year. At that time, the media has been around the Duchess and thrown in a negative light. Harry has stayed by his wife's side through all the negativity, but there have been rumors that Meghan does not get along with everyone in the royal family. Does the duchess have a close friend among royalty?

Meghan Markle
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There have been many rumors about a dispute between Meghan and Kate

Since Meghan married the royal family, she and Kate Middleton have been in all the news. And most of his media attention has been in response to a dispute between the two duchesses. According to the newspapers, Meghan made Kate cry in a tight dress for Princess Charlotte before her wedding, and things began to decline from there. Very soon, Meghan and Kate appeared on the news almost daily because of new rumors of disputes. When Harry and Meghan decided to move out of Kensington Palace, the press instantly badumed it was because the two women could not tolerate each other. Since then, the rumors have diminished a bit, but when that happened, new rumors circulated that the women had reached an agreement to get along in public. Nothing has ever been proven about the reported dispute.

Meghan allegedly annoyed Princess Eugenia by not attending her wedding reception

Princess Eugenia married her old boyfriend Jack Brooksbank last October, almost at the same time that Meghan and Harry announced Meghan's pregnancy. Meghan attended the Eugenie ceremony with Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton, but she did not attend the wedding reception, letting Harry go alone. Sources close to the royals said that Eugenie was offended. Meghan chose not to attend his ceremony and, reportedly, caused a break between the two. However, it was also suspected that Meghan had not yet announced her pregnancy, and not being able to enjoy Eugenie's wedding reception may have made it clear that Meghan was waiting, which might explain why she decided not to attend.

Meghan seems to have established a friendship with the queen

When Meghan was introduced to the royal family, she knew that she had to make a good impression on the queen, and apparently she did. Meghan supposedly took the good side of the queen by congratulating her dogs; The two shared a love for animals. They also have similar tastes in foods, which may also have been a point of attachment. However, in recent months, Meghan has shown that she does things differently than the real tradition would prefer, so it is not clear how close she and the queen are still. Meghan has broken the royal rules several times since she and Harry got married, so it is possible for the queen to admire her independence or frown.

Meghan and the queen united about their love for dogs.

It seems that the members of the royal family respect her, although not all of them seem to be close

It's hard to believe everything that comes out in the news,
but it does not seem that Meghan is extremely close to any royal family
members While the family seems to at least keep up appearances and respect
one another
, Meghan has almost never seen herself spend time voluntarily
with anyone except Harry. But that does not necessarily mean that everyone dislikes them
she neither; it just means that Meghan is probably not at a level of close friendship
with no one more than her husband.

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