Dodgers vs. Astro Takeaways: No carryover from Tuesday’s bench clearing event in the longest game of 2020

In Houston on Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astro closed the two-game series, which showed fireworks in the opener on Tuesday night. Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly Received an eight-game suspension (Pending appeal) for deliberately throwing Carlos Correia and other Astro players. The Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was suspended as a sport.

The series finale on Wednesday was largely drama-free. No brushback pitch, no beanball, no bench-clearing event. Instead, we were treated to a pitcher’s duel featuring two cheaters in Christian Xavier and Dustin May. The game went 1–1 and a new tiebreaker rule was needed to be declared the winner.

Dodgers reserve Edwin Rios put his club ahead with a two-time home run in the 13th inning. The two teams scored one each in the 11th after being scoreless in the 10th, and again went scoreless in the 12th. Los Angeles held the game to win 4–2 (box score).

Wednesday’s game was the sixth extra innings game of the youth season and the first that went beyond 11 innings. Since the adoption of the tiebreaker rule – when a runner starts the innings at second base – in 2018, seven percent of minor league extra-inning games extended beyond just 11 percent inning. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens every once in a while.

The two-game series ends in Houston and any bad blood left over from Tuesday’s event will have to wait until the Astro go to the Sept 12-13 two-match series in Los Angeles. Here are three takeaways from Wednesday’s game.

Javier excels in first MLB start

The Astros injured ace Justin Verlander on the weekend and could end their season. for now, Verlander will be closed for a few weeks, Re-rated. Stepping right into his empty roam was the right-to-opener Cristian Xavier, who ranks as Houston’s No. 6 prospect. His scouting report says, “His deception and creativity could make him the No. 4 starter.”

Xavier was much better than a No. 4 starter on Wednesday night. The 23-year-old held the powerful Dodgers lineup for one run in 5 2/3 innings. He allowed just two hits and struck out eight.

Astros manager Dusty Baker pushed Xavier – he threw 82 pitches and his velocity dipped in the 90–91 mph range in the sixth inning, after sitting 94–95 mph in the opening innings – and a strong outing. Was rewarded with. Xavier breathed a sigh of relief in his MLB debut on Saturday. It was his first MLB debut on Wednesday and only his third start above Double-A.

At the beginning of this season, Astro was hit hard, So much so that they are ready to sign 43-year-old Fernando Rodney to help the bullpen out of an independent league. Xavier probably did more than enough to get another start on Wednesday night. Jose Arquidi is still away from joining the team. May be driving Xavier out in the interim as well.

Caesar stings the ball early

In his return from Tommy John surgery last season, Dodgers shortstop Corey Seeger wrote a .272 / / 335 / / 483 batting line that is both very good and relaxed down the .302 / .370 / .497 line. She managed to be healthy since 2016. -17. The situation may also be difficult for players in the year before Tommy John’s surgery.

Few players are more locked in baseball than Caesar early this season. He went 7 for 20 (.350) with only one strike in his first five games and was hitting everything hard. His 96.8 mph average exit velocity placed him in the top five percent in the league. Also, oddly, Seeger averaged just 2.83 pitches per plate appearance, the third-smallest in baseball.

On Wednesday, Seeger made a home debut with a second inning against Xavier. For Action Video:

Seiger seems to have been around forever – this to me, anyway – but he turned only 26 in April. He is about the whole figure to head his career. The Dodgers are fully loaded, especially offensively, and getting the best possible version of Seeger this year will make them even more formidable for the coming postseason time.

Sons slapped

Many star players around the league have started the season slowly.. it happens. The season is young and they will understand it long before. A handful of those players were on the field at Minute Maid Park on Wednesday night. Here’s what they were doing in the competition:

  • Mookie Bates, Dodgers: 5 for 24 (.208)
  • Jose Altuve, Astros: 4 for 18 (.222)
  • Alex Bragman, Astro: 4 for 18 (.222)

In addition, George Springer (1 for 20) was on the bench on Wednesday night as Baker wanted him to “clean his head” according to Chandler Rome. Houston Chronicle. The number of eunuchs suggests that some big-name players will start slowly each year and this season is no different.

Early season slopes continued for Astro. Altuve and Bregman both went 0 for 5, leaving them at 8 for 46 (.174) on the combined season. They each failed a winning run in the 12th (to be fair, walked Altuve). The slap will not continue, they are very talented, but it does not disappoint them to sit as an Astro fan.

Meanwhile, Bates broke his early season skid on Wednesday. He was hit in his first four at-bats in the 11th inning before moving from left to left field. The bullpen couldn’t hold that lead, but it’s not Mookie’s fault.

Bates made 5 starts for the 23 (.217) skid last season and started his MVP season in 2 for 11 (-182) root in 2018. This is not the first time he has spent a difficult week starting a new season and I doubt it will be the last. If there is any indication in his 11th inning, Bates is usually set to make his debut for the Dodgers.

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