Dodgers Throwback Uniforms, all in 42 for Jackie Robinson Day 2019

Written by: Chris Creamer • Monday, April 15, 2019

Today is Jackie Robinson's Day at Major League Baseball, an annual anniversary celebration for Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier when she debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

Since the 2009 season, all players, managers and coaches in the league wear Robinson's number 42 shirt without his name on the back of the shirt on April 15 (or 16 if his team is not scheduled to play). The number 42 was retired in the entire league on April 15, 1997, the 50th anniversary of his debut. To date, Robinson is the only player to have received this honor in Major League Baseball.

This season, as was the case in 2018, all players will also wear a special # 42 patch on their jersey sleeves and the right side of their caps. The patch features 42 in a Dodgers-style font, in a cream-colored circle trimmed in gold on a blue diamond. Two bats crossed behind the diamond.

Players will also be given the opportunity to wear special socks designed for the day, the socks are very similar to those worn in 2018, mostly black and gray with the Jackie Robinson Day logo on thin blue stripes and white The Jackie Robinson Day logo has been colored on the socks in 2019, and an additional strip of gray was added at the top:

The Los Angeles Dodgers, the franchise with which Robinson played his entire career, will go a step further this year by wearing the white uniforms of the 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers.

While the uniform is largely the same as the set of Dodgers today, there are some notable differences.

The first one is, obviously, the cap that will have the B of Brooklyn instead of the "LA" interlaced of Los Angeles.

On the shirt, the font for player numbers on the back of the uniform is significantly thicker, as it was in 1947. A comparison of the Jackie Robinson Day t-shirts the Dodgers wore in 2018 and which will be worn night shows the difference:

Also seen in the photo above, and this is a true attention to detail, the Dodgers' back-to-back shirt will feature an older-style jersey cut into the shoulders and arms. Note the location of the seams here from the back neck and following the sleeves, the 2019 kick to the right and what the Dodgers used for the Jackie Robinson Day 2018 on the left.

The brand of the word "Dodgers" with a dash on the front of the shirt is also different, but this is much less noticeable. You can see it in the space between some of the letters, I can really catch it between the "r" and the "s".

The patch with the "LA" logo, which is usually worn on the sleeve of the Dodgers jersey, will not be present in tonight's game. The number on the front of the shirt (which was not worn by the Dodgers at the '47) will still be present, however, I imagine it will remain to show everyone who uses 42.

Returning to the 1947 design is an excellent decision of the Dodgers, I hope they do for all future games of the Day of Jackie Robinson.

Finally, some players will celebrate Jackie with their own additions to their uniforms, such as Curtis Granderson of Miami, who has been wearing these shoes with a new logo commemorating the centenary of Robinson's birth:

As mentioned above, some teams that are not scheduled to play today will celebrate Jackie Robinson Day on April 16, and some will even celebrate it on both the 15th and the 16th.

Baltimore is in Boston this morning for the annual Patriot Day game, where they are also celebrating Jackie Robinson's Day; then they will fly to St. Petersburg tomorrow, where they will go back to 42 while the Rays (who are out today) celebrate their celebrations.

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