Dodgers: Silent Bets begin tonight at second base

No Dodgers fan, you didn’t misread that title. Maukee Bates will start at second base for the first time with Los Angeles. It will be his first start since 2014 with the Boston Red Sox.

When the lineup was released prior to Thursday’s game, Dodgers fans felt a mistake. The lineup featured Mukki playing 2B and Hernandez at Wright Field. Fans were convinced by Dave Roberts that it was an error until it was confirmed. Apparently, Mookie is asking for Play there for a while.

Bates also mentioned to the Roberts that the Dodgers may need flexibility playoff times. If you were wondering, yes, Mukki has formed a second base throughout his career. It just so happens that he hasn’t done it regularly since his minor league days.

Whatever it is, having Mookie Bates in any position on the field is going to improve your team. The Dodgers will now have even more flexibility to rotate people and can give them more at-bat with such an option in their back pocket.

Bates has started 39 games for the Dodgers in 2020, with 37 of them coming to Wright Field. His only other start was as a designated hitter. Los Angeles now has at least four people on its roster who can rotate between the infield and outfield at any time. Chris Taylor and Enrique Hernández are two clear, with Cody Belinger third. Matt Beatty can do both but the jury is still out on that.

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