Dodgers-Padres strain after Trent Grisham Homer

San Digo – The Padres lead the Majors at home this year sparking debate over unwritten rules of the game. After a 7–2 win over the Dodgers on Tuesday night in a San Diego statement, Trent Grisham began the game with a run-out run from Clayton Kershaw in the sixth inning. Then, Grisham changed
San Digo – The Padres lead the Majors in the house this year sparking debate over unwritten rules of the game.
7–2 win over the Dodgers on Tuesday night, San Diego statement Trent Grisham Launched a game-tying home run Clayton Kershaw In the sixth inning. Then, Grisham turned and looked into the Padres’ dugout before starting his home run trot – a bit too long for the likes of Dave Roberts.
“I don’t think people are praising Homer; certainly it’s a big game, a big hit,” the Dodgers manager said. “Really like the player. But I just felt overstage at home plate against a guy like Clayton who was respected in the big leagues for everything he’s done in this game. I just kind of Exception kept. There is a certain respect that you give to a man if you homer against him. ”
Of course, Grisham did not see it that way. The winners of the eight straights, the Padres, are trying their best to close the gap on the Dodgers in the National League West. Grisham’s bang tied the game at 1 and set San Diego to a win that would restrict the Dodgers’ lead to 1 1/2 games.
“It happened naturally at the moment,” Grisham said. “This is a situation away from a big pitcher in a big game. We were looking forward to this series. It was one of the biggest series of the year. The look in the dugout was: ‘Hey come on, let’s pick it up … Let’s get this game.

The Dodgers’ dugout broke on him as soon as Grisham scored the third base goal. Grisham looked back. He entered the plate of the house with both feet. Home-plate umpire Mark Reitzer felt tense and warned the Dodgers to stay in the dugout as Grisham retreated to the home dugout to celebrate with his teammates. Nothing will happen next. (At least not on Monday night. The division rivals will play two more games this week at Petco Park).
This is the second time this season when the Padres home run has delivered a resounding response in the opposing dugout. Fernando Tatis Jr.The 3–0 Grand Slam drew Rangers and manager Chris Woodward last month.

Of course, since the Tatis Audacity 3–0 swing, the Padres are 21–5 – the best record in the Major in that period. At the time, they were a funny story. Now, they are contenders for the World Series, which is set for its first postson appearance in 14 years.
In Grisham’s eyes, a large part of that success comes from those who play with the Pagres.
“When we get excited and then meet and have fun playing games, we go,” Grisham said. “We’ve been going all year. This is exactly what Homer did for us.”
Padres followed Kershaw in the seventh and would score five times in the frame. When asked about Grisham’s reaction after the game, Kirshav did not share his manager’s sentiment.
“I’m not going to worry about his team,” Kirshav said. “Let him do what he wants.”

Kershaw was tortured at that point, and Grisham usually struggles against left-handed pitching. But Kershaw won with a 2–1 fastball and Grisham made no mistake. As he scored the first base goal, Grisham continued a personal tradition, signing the number nine for the ninth homer using the American Sign Language.
“At this stage, against that pitcher, no, I have never hit a better home run than this,” Grisham said.
The 23-year-old center fielder, Grisham, is enjoying a breakout season for the Padres. He is hitting .272 with an .835 OPS, and he is a contender for a Gold Glove Award.
Padres ‘manager Jayce Tingler turned some heads last month with a less-than-defensive response to Tatis’ home run. But he was quick to return Grisham, waving in violation of any notion of unwritten rules.
“It was a big moment of the game, and it was a big hit,” Tingler said. “It fired us up, and we had fun. We play the game right, we respect the game, but we’re going to have fun, and we’re going to be drawn to each other. For us, that’s all Hee. ”

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