Dodgers’ Mookie Bates became Gold Glove winner with fifth straight –

Dodgers’ Mookie Bates became Gold Glove winner with fifth straight

Maccie Bates later scored a superb game at Postman after the game – including two home run robberies and a crucial catch of a sinking liner in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series – should be no surprise that Bates National League Gold Glove winner for Wright Field. In his first season with the Dodgers of Los Angeles, Bates claimed his fifth consecutive Gold Glove Award after winning four with the Boston Red Sox.

While Postdenson isn’t crucial to the sports awards, Bates ‘catch of Dansby Swanson’s line drive in the third inning probably saved the game – and the Dodgers’ season. The Braves, already leading 3–1 in the series, led the second and third with 2–0 runners and decided to leave third base early when the Bates made their catch with Marcel Ozuna. The catch kept the game close and the Dodgers won 7-3.

Team player Corey Seeger said after that game, “an incredible game by an incredible player in a big moment.” “That’s what you need to win a baseball game this time of year.”

Bates saved 11 defensive runs for third place among all players, tying only with Byron Buxton, leaving behind Nolan Arenado’s 15 and Joey Gallo’s 12. Arenado won his eighth consecutive Gold Glove for eight consecutive years – all eight seasons that he has played at the Majors. Gallo is known for his eccentric home runs, but for the first time in his career he earned his first Gold Glove after moving to right field on a full-time basis.

This year’s Gold Gloves were based entirely on a collection of defensive matrices known as the SABR Defensive Index, which statistically combine multiple methods of estimating defensive performance. Due to MLB’s regional schedule this season, managers and coaches, usually a part of the final component, did not vote.

Other repeat winners:

In the National League, the Cubs were first baseman Anthony Rizzo (fourth overall) and Cardinals second baseman Colten Wong (second overall) winners. The Cardinals surprisingly did not pick Wong’s $ 12.5 million team option for 2021, so he takes his Gold Glove to free agency. Reds’ catch Tucker Barnhart also won his second Gold Glove after winning in 2017.

In the American League, Indian catcher Roberto Perez won his second straight match and Royals fielder Alex Gordon recorded his career fourth and eighth wins. Gordon, who announced his retirement, became the sixth player to win a Gold Glove in his final season (joining pitchers Greg Maddux, Mike Musina and Bobby Shantz; Gordon went on to make his career one of the greatest defensive fielders of all time Finishes as follows. Based on the total field fielding runs, an approximate defensive measure that goes back to 1953, the Gordon Trails only make saves in the careers of Barry Bonds and Karl Yastryzemski.

White Sox center fielder Luis Robert defeated Baxton, and Mariners first baseman Ivan White instigated two-time winner Matt Olson, the pair becoming the first rookie winners since Arenado in 2013. The Cubs starstop Xavier Badge, known for his fielding, struggled. At the plate in 2020 but eventually won his first gold glove by defeating Swanson, who led all shortstops in the DRS.


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