Dodgers-Astro: Joe Kelly, Carlos Correa Spark Bench-Clearing Dust-Up; Dusty Baker calls it ‘dirty’ baseball

In the rematch of the 2017 World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Houston Astros 5–2 on Tuesday night at Minute Med Park. It marked the first meeting between the two teams since the sign-stealing scandal that roamed baseball for months.

Astro was sanctioned by the MLB and shortly thereafter sacked manager AJ Hench and GM Jeff Luhoven for their roles in the scandal, with the Astros illegally re-tracking and “trash-banging” the plan. “To indicate his sign on the plate using the stole. . MLB investigations found that the Astros used the scheme during the 2017 regular season and the postsman and the 2018 season, though some opposing players believe it lasted longer. The Astros won that series in seven matches.

As Tuesday’s series opener, the highlight of the night came in the sixth inning, when the Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly threw behind some Astro hitters, including Carlos Correira, who sparked a bench-clearing dust-up. Let us know what we need:

Expected bad blood

Certainly many of the Dodgers playing in that 2017 World Series still feel cheated, but fans were not in the presence of a fan for any of the flames and teams are strictly prohibited from fighting this season during the epidemic. . This way, it would feel very weak if a pitcher gives the right to dot the opposing player on purpose. This is just a really bad feeling. Nevertheless, there appeared tension. Initially, it was the Dodgers starter Walker Buehler who directed a few words from Astro Third baseman Alex Bregman that were possibly an angry one:

I’m not a lip reader and can’t tell, but it doesn’t look like he was exchanging bliss. Then real fireworks, many innings later.

Joe Kelly pitching for the Dodgers in the sixth inning: In a 3–0 count, he blew a fastball past Alex Bregman’s head and shoulders. The catcher was set up with a low and outside target. Bregman did not look pleased, but did not say anything and ran first.

Michael Brentley followed with a first grounder and forced Bregman into second and covered Kelly with first base. Two people felt awkward and someone could be heard on camera yelling for Kelly to come back to the mound with an outsiderIf you’re curious, here’s the link).

Then came Carlos Kore-Bat. A curlball flew over his head. Then an inward curve. Finally Koreya is killed and the cameras catch Kelly saying “Thought boy, good swing!”

This caused a lot of backlash and Kelly actually saw some childish faces in the Astros. Like this:

Bench approves …

… but eventually cooler heads prevailed and no one really made contact with each other.

It is unclear if Kelly had any intention behind any of the pitches (the curves would not be on purpose and he has a generally terrible fastball command), but it is worth noting that Kelly was not personally wronged by the 2017 Astro had gone. He was not on the Dodgers. However, he was on the 2018 Red Sox team that defeated Astro in the ALCS. It is not that he will not be fed up with his new teammates, we are just providing all the references there.

After the game, Astro manager Dusty Baker said, “The balls sometimes go away, but not in the big leagues.” (Via Alden Gonzalez)

Baker also said that throwing on a player’s head is “dirty” baseball.

Bregman seems to have just got off the pitch from Joe Kelly’s side. Via Dodgers defeated writer Eric Stephen:

“It was a ball. It wasn’t my best pitch. … It’s never good to hook up a man. I wasn’t feeling the greatest. It took me a while to get into my mechanics.”

For the actual game, some more takeaways.

Speed ​​change from last time

The last time these two teams played at Mint Med Park was one of the most ridiculous and exciting baseball games I’ve ever played. It was Game 5 of the 2017 World Series, which finished 13–12 in 10 innings. It concluded at the walkoff knock from Bregman, but it was also…

  • Dodgers with 4–0 lead in fourth.
  • Astro got four in the fourth to tie it
  • The Dodgers add three more to the fifth
  • Astro scores three to tie it
  • The Dodgers take a one-run lead in the seventh
  • George Springer immediately ties the bottom half
  • Astro leads 11-8 in seventh
  • The Dodgers get three in the ninth to tie it
  • Bragman’s walkoff single ends in 10th

He had eight doubles, a triple and seven home runs as part of 28 hits. It took five hours and 17 minutes and left at midnight.

Tuesday was a different story. The pacing was mostly quick and it was not much longer than in a league-average game.

The Astros scored two runs early on a Solo Correa shot and then got an RBI single from Correa, but the Dodgers’ fifth score of five gave us our final score. The runs were scored in only three different innings. There was only one home run. The Dodgers had zero extra base hits in the entire fifth inning.

And there were no fans. Quite the contrary.

Astro youth bullpen in the spotlight

The Astro has nine rogue relievers and five of them were in Class A at least last year for a portion of the season. Although the Astros had an early lead, it was most likely that the Dodgers had an excellent result and offense leading to the Youngsters and certainly enough, it would have been in the fifth as well, but overall it was not a disaster.

Enoli Paredes was a disaster. He allowed one walk, a fielder’s choice and two singles.

After that, however, it wasn’t too bad. Andre Scrub made his big league debut and although he went one run to start things off, he played a double game on the next batter to end the nightmare and finished with 2 1/3 scoreless innings . Nivaldo Rodriguez also made his MLB debut and scored nearly one run in two hits and two scoreless innings.

The Dodgers bullpen closed things

Walker Buehler has yet to be ruled out and was eliminated after a stunning 3 2/3 innings, although he gave up two runs and had a 4.91 ERA. The bullpen took over from there and completely shut down the Astros’ offense. Adam Kolarek, Brusser Greaterroll, Joe Kelly, Caleb Ferguson, Blake Trenin and Kenley Jensen combined to allow only 5 1/3 scoreless innings. The only issues were Kelly’s two steps, in fact.

Astro struggled top three

George Springer, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman are the Astros’ most high-profile offensive players. A lot of eyes were on him this year, as the sign-theft scandal somewhat dominated the offenses. On Tuesday, the trio entered 0 on 10 with two moves from Bregman. I think you can say that to everyone, but Koreya struggled, really. He recorded only four hits and had three of the two with an RBI. Nevertheless, Springer, Altuve and Bregman are his stars. On the season, Springer is hitting .050 / .174 / .200, while both Altuve and Bregman are hitting a similar .222 / .364 / .444.

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