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It happens to the best of us: there he is, with a stomach ache for months that he can not shake, so he goes to the doctor who says he probably has food poisoning. You will get a simple x-ray just to be sure and doctors will find that it is not a bad breakfast or a spoiled dinner that is causing your pain, but 15 pounds of random objects like coins and nails that lodge in your gut. Clbadic.

Doctors in India have just treated this same case, with a 35-year-old man admitted to the hospital for stomach pains before it was discovered that it was filled with several pieces of metal. In total, more than three pounds of nails, almost 300 coins and even pieces of rusty iron and razors were found in the man's stomach.

It is not necessary for the man to require immediate surgery to have the articles removed from his intestine. When the doctors entered, they removed the pieces of metal and fragments of glbad at random that apparently also had eaten. In all, he had more than 15 pounds of foreign objects inside his body.

"The patient complained of stomach pain, so we thought about doing an endoscopy," explained Dr. Priyank Sharma, the surgeon who led the operation. "We were surprised to discover coins, nails and nuts in the stomach, we found this case for the first time in our career."

The patient had led his life as usual for months while occasionally ingesting random items, including coins that clients gave him in his daily work. Apparently, swallow the coins like pills, take them with water and then resume your daily routine.

Eventually, the huge mbad of twisted coins and bits of metal began to cause problems. The nails he had eaten had opened holes in his stomach lining and caused internal bleeding and other problems, prompting him to seek medical attention.

As you can imagine, doctors believe that man suffers a mental imbalance that caused him to consume inanimate objects and received a treatment that should prevent him from falling into a similar habit in the future.

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