Doctors shot after the baby in India declared dead found alive on the way to the funeral –

Doctors shot after the baby in India declared dead found alive on the way to the funeral


Two doctors were fired and a police investigation was launched after a baby who had been pronounced dead in a hospital in New Delhi woke up on his way to his own funeral.

The baby and her twin sister were born prematurely in just 22 weeks, according to local media and NDTV, with the dead girl and the child in critical condition.

Max hospital doctors declared the dead boy shortly thereafter and returned him to the family "wrapped like a courier package from the back" door ", according to NDTV.

About six hours later and on the road to perform funeral rites, however, the parents noticed movement inside the polyethylene bag and discovered that he was breathing.

"When we opened the bag, we found the child breathing. I was shocked. I could not believe what I saw, "said the baby's grandfather, Praveen Malik, to CNN.

The family rushed to take the baby to another hospital where, according to Indian television, they were told it would cost 100,000 rupees (£ 1,150) ) for three days of treatment in an intensive care unit.

"He is on life support," Uncle Deepak told him The Hindu . "The doctors at [new hospital] told us that the Child has several infections because he was exposed to the environment and had been wrapped in plastic. They have not told us if it will survive. "

The incident in one of the capital's most exclusive hospitals has sparked a national debate over the state of Indian private health care, which can be prohibitively expensive.

news of the incident , state health minister Satyendar Jain said on Twitter that he had ordered an investigation, and India's federal health minister, JP Nadda, called it "heartbreaking."

The two doctors who were also fired He may be subject to police charges, his dismissal was "strict action … taken on the basis of our initial discussions with experts," a statement from the hospital Max read.

" While the expert group's investigation includes External information experts from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) are still in process, we have decided to terminate the services of the two treating physicians. "

The Hospital dij or that the IMA investigation was expected to end on Tuesday. The investigation itself finds that the hospital is guilty of medical malpractice, could revoke its license.

There were several reports in the last months of alleged negligence in Indian hospitals. According to the BBC, last month a girl died of dengue in another private hospital, with parents claiming that they were overcharged for their treatment.

And in August, more than 60 children died in a hospital in Gorakhpur after the oxygen supply facility ran out in the middle of a financial dispute with suppliers.

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