Doctors say the flu “cannot be caused by COVID-19 hygiene measures”

A top autoimmune pathologist said the flu could be “nothing” as the U.S. is still running in the cold months while battling a coronovirus epidemic.

Dr., Chairman of the Department of Medicine at St. Joseph Healthcare System. Bob Lahita said, “We may not have the flu, but we should all get vaccinated.”

The World Health Organization estimates that about 3-5 million are serious each year Influenza cases More than 500,000 deaths globally and annually are linked to the disease.

The United States, the epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis, has seen more than 150,000 coronovirus-related deaths and more than 4 million confirmed cases since March. Medical experts are concerned about what could mean the increasing number of cases when students return to school and the annual flu season begins.

A former US health officer, Drs. Rick Bright, testified in Congressional hearing If the epidemic was not controlled, the country could face “the deepest winters in modern history”.

However, efforts to reduce coronavirus may pay off in other ways.

According to a Reuters report, countries such as China, Canada and the United Kingdom have reported a significant decline in influenza cases following recent global social distancing measures to curb coronovirus.

The report also noted that South Korea’s most recent weekly infectious disease number “saw an 83% decrease in cases from the same period a year earlier.” In Australia, which is currently in winter, specialists are seeing significantly lower rates of hospital admissions for non-COVID-19 infectious diseases for the time of year. However, the WHO has warned in a recent report that influenza numbers may need to be viewed with “caution” due to some countries’ reporting capacity constraints.

Dr. Lahita predicted a similar decrease in American influenza cases “due to wearing our masks and washing our hands and our social disturbances.”

“I think it would be very interesting to watch,” he said.

Some experts worry that a lack of flu infection this year could negatively affect immunity in future flu seasons.

Ben Marais, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Sydney, said, “It could happen that if we don’t get an infection this season there will be more susceptible people next season. Reuters.

Dr. According to Lahita, the issue of immunity for both Coronavirus Once the vaccine is developed and in the future there may be a simple solution to influenza.

“I think the novel coronovirus is going to be with us for many years,” he said. “However, it is expected that in 2021, for example, we will combine the two vaccines together, so that when you get the flu vaccine, you get COVID-19 vaccine.”


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