Doctor: Kim Jong Nam’s underwear dirty, hired students


SHAH ALAM, Malaysia – A Malaysian doctor testified Monday at the trial of two young women accused of murdering the half-brother distanced from the North Korean leader that the victim's students contracted and his underwear was stained with feces, both signs of poisoning.

Siti Aisyah of Indonesia and Doan Thi Huong of Vietnam, the only suspects in custody, pleaded not guilty at the start of their trial on October 2. They were accused of staining the forbidden nerve agent VX in Kim Jong Nam face in a crowded airport terminal in Kuala Lumpur on February 13 and they kill him in two hours.

Nurliza Abdullah, one of the two government doctors who performed the autopsy on Kim's body, told the court that the pupil's constriction and the large amount of excrement found in Kim's underwear pointed to intoxication.

"According to our autopsy and the results of the laboratory tests, the cause of death is acute poisoning with VX nerve agents," he said, coinciding with a colleague who had similar testimony earlier in the trial, when the autopsy report in court.

Nurliza, however, agreed with the defense's badertion that the autopsy could not confirm that VX was the cause of death, and that the conclusion of the autopsy was based on tests performed by the chemical department that found traces of the nerve agent on Kim's face and body.

The court session on Monday was interrupted because the next prosecution witness was not ready. The trial will resume on Tuesday.

The two women face a mandatory death sentence if they are found guilty. Defense lawyers say they were cheated by suspected North Korean agents and believe they were playing a harmless joke for a television show.

Prosecutors said four North Koreans conspired with the two women to plan the badbadination of Kim Jong Nam and fled the country on the day of the attack.

South Korea's spy agency has claimed that the attack was part of a carefully planned plot by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to kill a brother he reportedly never knew.

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