Doc Rivers says a stranger gave him back almost $ 2,000 he had dropped

Cindy Boren, The Washington Post

1:08 PM

What happened to Doc Rivers before the game was almost as impressive as the Los Angeles Clippers' rally of a deficit of 31 points Monday night to tie his first NBA playoff round with the Golden State Warriors.

The Clippers coach told reporters that it would have been $ 2,000 poorer had it not been for a good Samaritan on the streets of San Francisco hours before Game 2.

"I shout to the person from San Francisco who is on the corner today," Rivers said at the end of his press conference. "I was walking down the street, it's a real story." I reached into my pocket to grab my phone and, unknowingly, I dropped two big ones on the floor, on the street. "He kept walking, I did not know. He tapped on the back and said: "That's your money."

I scream for you, person from San Francisco.

? @DocRivers Close the pre-game media with a story.

– LA Clippers (@LAClippers) April 16, 2019

Rivers did not receive the man's name or the opportunity to thank him properly.

"I do not know many places where that would happen," Rivers said, "but it happened today, so whoever it is, I could have had free tickets if I had not run away."

It turns out that the man was not the only one in San Francisco who was in a good mood. The Warriors lead was the biggest wasted in the playoffs and the Rivers Clippers went with a 135-131 victory in Game 2.


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