Do you want to experience zero gravity as free astronauts?

Dubai: Do you want to experience zero gravity like astronauts do when they are in space?

If you are a student in the UAE, this is your opportunity.

The Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) offers 20 winning students the opportunity to experience zero Lunar and Martian gravity aboard a Boeing 727 aircraft in Florida in the USA. UU In October.

With the UAE Zero Gravity title, the competition allows winners to conduct their own experiments under three gravitational conditions similar to astronauts on the International Space Station. This initiative is in line with the ambitions of the MBRSC for future exploration and space discovery, as well as the Mars 2117 strategy, which aims to build a habitable human settlement on Mars through global research partnerships.

Yousuf Hamad Al Shaibani, General Director of the MBRSC said that competition is another step in the UAE trip that shows the country's constant investment in young talents to be part of the scientific and space programs.

"These programs are designed to help serve national interests in the future by actively participating in the global space to explore and explore the perspectives of human life in space and to support scientific research that will help us achieve the ambitious vision of the UAE to become a leading country in the global race towards the red planet, "he said.

Adnan Al Rais, Director of Mars The MBRSC program 2117, said that the competition offers a unique scientific experience to the future generation of space explorers residing in the UAE to achieve them to join the country in their journey to space .

"We will select 20 lucky students to board the flight with us in October and we will encourage all budding astronauts to participate and we hope to strengthen the ambitious spirit of the participants," he said.

Interested students can apply through the MBRSC website, where they will be asked to answer three questions, either in written form or by making a video. They can talk about what experiment they would perform in zero gravity conditions.

The winners will be selected to take part in a Parabolic Flight, which simulates microgravity conditions through a series of maneuvers (called parabolas) that achieve weightlessness for pbadengers. During each parabola, the pbadenger will experience up to 22 seconds of weightlessness.

Parabolic flights are used to prepare astronauts for their missions before making the trip to space for the first time and have previously experienced people like the famous scientist Stephen Hawking.

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How to join

Qualifications: The UAE's zero-gravity experience is open to all students studying in the UAE. United Arab Emirates

Age requirement: 16 years or more, including students with determination

Type of applications: Individual or group requests are recommended (groups should not be more than three people)

Deadline submitted: July 5

When the trip is being conducted: October 2018

How many students will be chosen: 20

* The applicant must have a US visa to travel for the seriousness zero of the UAE. Applicants are responsible for requesting and paying their US visa fees. MBRSC will only pay for air tickets and accommodation.


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