Do you think Kevin Durant in the Warriors is bad for the NBA? He thinks that is your problem.

Kevin Durant, right, celebrated the NBA title on Friday night with, from the left, Golden State teammates Andre Iguodala, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. (Justin K. Aller / Getty Images)

Following the Cavaliers' Warriors sweep, which resulted in Kevin Durant's second MVP award in so many seasons with Golden State, more than a few fans complain about the fact who chose to join Stephen Curry and Co. in free agency. That 2016 decision, they say, created an invincibly talented squad that has exhausted much of the drama of following the NBA in its championship round.

However, if you think that Durant is in the Warriors is bad for the NBA, he has a message: that's his problem not his.

In recent comments, Durant said it feels like a perfect fit, not only on his team, but also in the Bay Area in general. Oh, and he took a not-so-veiled photo of LeBron James, suggesting that his Cleveland counterpart has had a less difficult task distinguishing himself.

[ It was not supposed to be like that after LeBron James came home. Then came Kevin Durant.]

"My responsibility is with my skills, my responsibility is with myself," Durant told Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports. "I'm not worried about the NBA, that's their job, they make too much money, they do not pay me enough to dictate the NBA, I should make more money if it's all in me."

"My responsibility is with any team to who plays. All those other things, are in all of you. "

There were many" other things "floating over the weekend, particularly after Game 4 on Friday night, already anticlimactic with the result of the finals almost sealed, flipped In such an unbalanced affair, behind Durant and Curry, the Warriors took a 21-point lead in the fourth quarter, and the Cavaliers waved the white towel with just four minutes, pulling James out of what could have been his last showdown Cleveland.

With his team having gone 1-8 against Golden State in the last two Finals, after having dethroned his nemesis in 2016, James was asked what was the biggest difference between then and now. they asked this last year, "said James, whose averages of 34.0 points, 8.5 rebounds and 10.0 badists were in vain for the loss of four games." What was the difference between the Warriors the year before and this one? year, and what was my response? Kevin Durant was my answer. He's one of the best players I've ever played against, that this league has seen. "

Since the Warriors won an NBA title in 2015, and they won a record 73 games the following year, they barely lost James' Cavs with a Curry affected by injuries, many believed they were the last team in the league to need Durant's difference talents, but even with him, Golden State needed a return to Game 7 to defeat the Houston Rockets en route and reach the Finals this year, but the beating of Cleveland seemed to reinforce the idea that the NBA has lost its competitiveness.

Slate's Craig Fehrman put it simply: "The NBA has been bad for two years, and it's Kevin Durant's fault. "He added:" It's as if David Robinson decided to join Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in Chicago and the coast made its way to some titles from the mid-90s. "[19659012] Man how bad the last two years For the NBA, you can turn it any way you like, but these Finals since Durant joined Golden State have been terrible for basketball. Horrible.

– Jared Stillman (@JaredStillman) June 9, 2018

If Durant moves to the Oklahoma City Thunder Warriors, he gave Golden State everything he could handle in the conference finals West of 2016, it has been a negative development for the NBA, he sees it as nothing more than a positive for himself. "The Bay Area allows me to be who I am, as a city, to mingle, and the team allows me to do the same," he told Lee.

"All I want to do in my life, while I'm healthy, is to work on my game and enjoy the game without worrying about anything else, this place gives me that," Durant said. "This is the best place to play ball, work in my game, play ball and not worry about [expletive] of normal NBA superstars."

Durant made it clear that he has little desire to be the unquestioned alpha dog of a team, saying "to be one of [the] guys, that's what I always wanted." He praised the "disinterested environment" of Golden State, in which Curry was the two-time NBA reigning NBA when Durant arrived, and said he was happy to have been able to engage in a discussion about "the greats," such as "Kobe, MJ, LeBron, Kareem. "

Durant then used that context, of the conditions under which certain players have demonstrated that greatness, to possibly offer his most striking observation: "I feel it is easy to be the best player when you do not have good players around you. it's harder to excel when you have great players around you. "

"I'm proud to stand out wherever I am," Durant added. "I take pride in working hard wherever I go, and I feel like these guys hugged me and I feel like a Warrior."

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