Do you start from scratch with a new phone or copy data from your old device?

Huawei P40 Pro setup screen

Upgrading to a new smartphone can be one of the most enjoyable experiences out there, especially if you haven’t upgraded your device in a few years. Between the improved performance, better cameras, and new features, there’s a lot to like about a shiny new phone.

One challenge when upgrading is smoothly picking up where you left off, but most manufacturers allow you to copy all of your data from an old phone to a new device. Is this something that Android Authority Do readers do it, or do you prefer to start with a clean slate? Let us know by taking the survey below.

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I tend to start from scratch with new phones, be it personal updates or devices that are used for testing / review purposes. It helps that Google backs up a lot of data in your account anyway, like contacts, emails, photos, and more. I also have a handful of favorite apps that I end up downloading from the Play Store every time I set up a new phone, and some apps like WhatsApp have cloud backup too.

However, I can definitely see why people would want to copy all their data from their old phones. It means you don’t have to spend a lot of time setting things up the way you like, allowing you to use your shiny new phone.

Wondering what is the best way to set up a new device? We have a complete guide to changing phones like a pro.

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