Do you see zig-zags in this optical illusion? Then you are suffering from “blindness by curvature”

I t is the optical illusion that could send you to the other side of the curve.

Dr. Kohske Takahashi, a psychologist at Chukyo University in Japan, discovered that, in certain circumstances, human brains show a curvature blindness and automatically exchange undulating waves at corners.

To demonstrate the new phenomenon, Dr. Takahashi designed an optical illusion that appears to consist of pairs of discontinuous wavy lines and zig-zags, on a white, gray and black background. 19659002] But look closely, and the lines are curvilinear, with no sharp points. It is simply a peculiarity of the brain that is adding to the peaks.

In a new report, published in the i-Perception journal, Dr. Takahashi explains that curvature blindness occurs in lines where light gray and dark dashes end at the peak or valley of the curve. In contrast, where the stripes cross the peak or the valley, the brain continues to see the wavy lines.

The effect is caused because when the brain detects the sudden change from light gray to dark gray at the bottom of the top of the curve, and confuses it with an acute angle.

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