Do you own any $ 2.3 billion unclaimed property in Florida? It’s easy to find

Jacksonville, Fla. Need some extra cash? It is not a gimmick, and there are no wires attached. You can have the money that is owed to you and do not even know it. The state of Florida has a $ 2.3 billion right to claim the rightful owners to come forward and wait for what they own.

With COVID-19 affecting everyone in one way or another, checking your name or the name of a relative may mean extra funds on time for the holidays.

The money that is being held comes from a long list of places like forgotten bank accounts, credit card balances, rebates, paychecks, utility deposits and more. Therefore, News4JAX teamed up with the CFO’s office for the “Holiday Money Hunt” to get the word that millions of dollars are available only in northeast Florida.

Here’s a county-by-county look at what the grave is for:

  • Baker county: $ 932,185
  • Bradford county: $ 1,370,610
  • Clay county: $ 10,289,043
  • Columbia County: $ 4,310,806
  • Duval county: $ 99,890,865
  • Nassau county: $ 4,414,755
  • Putnam County: $ 5,344,420
  • St. John’s County: $ 15,727,840

In order to find out where you live, how much money is available, we dig deep into the data to locate the zip code by zip code. for example:

  • 32256 (Duval County): $ 8,887,516
  • 32073 (Clay County): $ 2,988,425
  • 32082 (St. John’s County): $ 3,161,474
  • 32034 (Nassau County): $ 2,142,900
  • 32666 (Poonam County): $ 577,569
  • 32055 (Columbia County): $ 1,439,606
  • 32091 (Bradford County): $ 947,266

Hover over the interactive map below to check more than 100 zip codes and the amount of unclaimed property available in each area.

It is not just cash for graves; There is a huge vault filled with unclaimed valuables like diamonds, a signed photo of Muhammad Ali and even a gold bar being kept safe inside the vault until the rightful owners come forward.

Now that you know how much is available where you live, are you ready to see if any of it is yours or a loved one? Click here, enter the first and last name, and this is it. If the name pops, follow the instructions to claim what’s yours. Remember, the whole process is quick and absolutely free.

The state of Georgia has more than $ 2.3 billion in unclaimed money and property to be claimed by residents. Find out if you have any unclaimed property that you own in the state. (News4Jax)

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