‘do you need help?’ Police say Orlando server secretly helps rescue abused boy

Orlando, Fla. – An observer at an Orlando restaurant helped save a boy who police say was the victim of serious child abuse, including being suspended upside down by a door, secretly a sign that only the child could read is.

Orlando police said Flavin Carvalho was working as a server New Year’s Day at Mrs. Potato restaurant on South Kirkman Road when a family of four sat down at a table.

According to police, the man did not allow the 11-year-old boy to order any food and Carvalho noticed that the child had bruises on his face and arms.

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Carvalho wrote a note stating, “Do you need help? The police said “okay” and put him behind the boy, so that he could not see him.

“I wrote another sign, asked him if he needed help. And that’s when he nodded, yes, “Carvalho said.

Carvalho then called the restaurant owner who agreed that he should call the police.

“You saved the boy’s life,” the business owner told Carvalho. “It brings us tears to think that someone can do this for a child.”

Authorities said that in an interview with Orlando police detectives, the boy narrated incidents of mistreatment, which he said had bandages tied around his ankles and neck and hung him upside down through a door. According to police, the boy also stated that he was hit by a wooden broom and tied with a large moving dolly with handcuffs.

“The abuse I say lightly, it was outrage,” Detective Erin Lawlor said. “The way this child went, like I said was just torture, there is no justification in any scope.”

According to police, the boy also said that he did not get to eat regularly as a punishment.

'do you need help?'  Police say Orlando server secretly helps rescue abused boy
‘do you need help?’ Police say Orlando server secretly helps rescue abused boy

The child’s stepfather, Timothy Wilson II, was arrested on one count of third-degree child abuse. Investigators said they were unable to arrest both parents at the restaurant because, at the time, there was not enough evidence.

Days later, officers arrested both Wisson and Kristen Swann. Wilson was arrested on several counts of child abuse and child neglect.

Police said the boy’s mother admitted to knowing about the abuse. He was arrested on two counts of child neglect.

“They said it was just one incident, so it was all kinds of different stages of injury,” said Laureler. “This abuse and atrocity was going on.”

The Orlando Police Department said it regularly encourages people who see something to say something.

“When a woman took that advice to heart, she rescued a boy from some dangerous abuses,” the OPD said in a news release. “When she saw something, Ms. Carvalho demonstrated courage and care for a child she had never met before, and we are proud that someone like Ms. Carvalho lives and works in our community.” Does. “

Another child was with the family on New Year’s Day, but officials said she did not show any signs of abuse or malnutrition.

Investigators said both children were evicted from the home and are said to be “very good and very happy right now.”

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