‘Do you need anything else?’

A toddler’s fun interaction with an Amazon Alexa is giving TikTok users their daily dose of serotonin.

At one point captured on camera by a baby monitor, TikToker’s teacher and 2-year-old son Aly Femia attempted to use Amazon Alexa in their bedroom to get their father’s attention. Instead, the smart speaker did something that left the kid baffled.

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“Alexa, I need dad,” the boy said into the speaker.

“So what should I add?” Alexa replied.

“Dad,” he said again.

“I’ve added ‘daddy’ to your shopping list,” the speaker alerts the boy. “Do you need anything else?”

“Uh – no,” he said in response.

Femia’s video of the Amazon Alexa failure, which has received more than 602,000 likes, has left TikTokers hysterical.

I’ve seen this 20 times [and] it’s getting more and more fun, ”said one user.

“If only it were that easy,” another joked.

“This video needs more appreciation,” wrote a third. “Is very good.”

In The Know has reached out to Femia for comment.

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