Do not like smart watches today? Just build your own


Smart watches are hard. Technology does not only have to be functional inside, but it must also function as a fashion statement, since it is something that is used all the time. You can go and compare products, or you can do what the product designer Samson March did, and simply build your own completely from scratch, through Engadget.

And even better, March has provided an incredibly detailed view of your process and all of your files for compilation, which means that with a little work (well, well, a lot), you can also create your own smart watch.

To be clear, however, this is not something for the faint of heart. Even with March's instructions, you'll still have to print the 3D case (the March one is made of a wood / plastic printable 3D mix), get the parts, bademble a circuit board, put everything together and get the software and running In addition, March did not stop at a clock either: he also built a loading dock to recharge the watch, too.

Considering the total size of the finished product, and the fact that March literally He built everything from scratch, it's an amazingly impressive achievement. Apparently, the finished product has up to seven days of battery life, you can show notifications from your phone and recharge in about two and a half hours, better specifications than can manage some commercial full-fledged smart watches.

Do you want to try to build yours? All the technical details can be found in the March Github repository here.

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