Do not activate the “Let’s Go” button in the Windows 10 Settings application

If you updated your copy of Windows 10 to a recent version, you may have noticed a new banner in the Settings application that appears at the top.

The banner displays basic information about the account and is also used by Microsoft for advertising / information purposes. Most users should see the “Get more than Windows” notification at the top when upgrading Windows 10 to a recent version of the operating system.

It states: “With a few quick selections, you’ll be on your way to enjoying the full Microsoft experience”. There is a Let’s Go button that is prominently displayed, and a “skip for now” link that is less visible.

If it reminds you of the out-of-box experience of the operating system that displays after the upgrade, then you are not wrong.

A click on Let’s Go opens a fullscreen interface that resembles the operating system’s out-of-the-box experience. There are some differences, but more about this later.

The Start screen highlights the areas that Microsoft determines to exclude from you operating system.

Windows 10 out-of-the-box experience

On a test system, these were:

  • Windows hello helps you sign in
  • Link your phone and pc
  • Work seamlessly on any device
  • Get more with a Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Keep your files more secure in the cloud with OneDrive
  • Enhance your web browsing experience

You can exit the screen with a click on “Remind me in 3 days”, or continue the setting by clicking Continue.

When you use non-default browsers or browser settings, recommended browser settings are used. The screen shows that you use the recommended browser settings, and that makes Microsoft Edge the default browser and Microsoft Bing default search engine.

Microsoft edge

Since you switched to using different defaults, it is very likely that you do not want to do this. You can leave it but Microsoft will be plaguing you to make Edge the default again in the future.

Another screen that can be displayed to you is a full page advertisement for a subscription to Microsoft 365. You may get a discount offer for the first year; I received a 50% offer for the first year on a test system.

Microsoft 365 advertising

You can select “No Thanks” to start the sign-up process or leave it next.

Once you are done, fullscreen mode exits and you are taken back to the Settings app. The banner at the top displays various notifications after you finish the box experience, and these displays were last checked on a link to manage Windows Update and OneDrive.

Settings App Banner

Closing word

Clicking on the “Let’s Go” button opens the fullscreen interface that is a partial advertisement for Microsoft services, trying to get you to use Microsoft services and products such as OneDrive or Microsoft Edge. The experience offers very little value to most users, especially those who have opted for the skip option many times during the initial experience.

now you: What would you like to show in the banner in the Settings app?


Do not activate "lets go" Button in windows 10 settings application

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Do not activate the “Let’s Go” button in the Windows 10 Settings application


Wondering what the Let’s Go button does in the Settings app? Find out where it goes and why you don’t want to activate the button.


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