DNC Releases Video Slapping Republicans On Voting Against Coronavirus Relief Bill

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) War Room released a new video Saturday in which House Republicans voted against a $ 1.9 trillion package that aims to bring financial relief to Americans. in the middle of the pandemic.

The video, that the DNC posted on Twitter Saturday afternoon, includes news coverage of House Democrats passing the stimulus package in a vote of 219-212 early in the morning.

Two democrats – Representatives Jared Golden (Maine) and Kurt schraderWalter (Kurt) Kurt SchraderHouse Democrats Pass .9T COVID-19 Relief Bill With Minimum Wage Increase House Prepared for Tight Vote on COVID-19 Relief Package Democrats Fight to Bail Out Pay Increase minimum (Pray.) – joined all Republicans in voting against the bill.

The DNC video describes that the package, dubbed the “American Rescue Plan,” includes funds for the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, the reopening of schools and rental assistance.

The package also includes an additional $ 400 in weekly unemployment benefits, as well as a one-time stimulus payment of up to $ 1,400 for individuals or $ 2,800 for married couples.

The video then moves to news coverage of the bill on MSNBC, which highlighted national polls indicating that a majority of Americans support the aid bill modeled after President Biden’s proposal.

TO Morning Consult / Politico poll conducted last week found that 76 percent of registered voters supported the stimulus package, and 52 percent said they supported it “strongly.”

In a CNN segment included in the DNC video, correspondent Abby Phillip says, “Republicans didn’t care enough to appear on this issue.”

“I may not agree with the details of the bill, but the idea that COVID relief is not something of utmost importance, I think everyone can agree on that,” he added.

In a statement shared with The Hill, DNC War Room spokesman Daniel Wessel said: “Democrats, Republicans and independents across the country have made it clear that they support President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. “

“Yet last night, instead of joining with Democrats in passing the much-needed stimulus plan to deliver thousands of dollars of relief to those who need it most, Republicans voted to leave millions of families in poverty.” added.

Republicans before Saturday’s vote expressed particular opposition to a component of the bill that seeks to increase the federal minimum wage from the current $ 7.25 per hour to $ 15.

While the The Senate MP ruled On Thursday that the minimum wage increase would not meet the budget rules required to pass bills as part of the reconciliation process, House Democrats opted for maintain minimum wage provision in the bill as a show of support for the progressive top priority.

the The package is now heading to the Senate, where Democrats will likely amend it next week before returning it to the House for approval.

Democrats hope to finalize the bill before unemployment insurance benefits expire on March 14.


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