DNC Official Says She Won’t Hire ‘Cisgender White Males’

Democrats claim that they are open-minded to all races, genders, and badual orientations. Except, of course, that of cisgender white males. 


This week, Democratic National Committee Data Services manager Madeleine Leader sent out a letter announcing that the DNC Technology Department is looking for new employees.

However, cisgender white males need not apply, because she does not want their kind in her department!


Can you imagine what would happen if an organization released a memo telling black transgender women not to apply? All Hhell would immediately break loose! However, since Leader targeted white cisgender men, she has received absolutely no backlash from the mainstream media. 

This is a sad example of the “war on men” that is raging in the U.S. today. There is nothing the leftwing loves more than watching white cisgender men fall and experience the discrimination that they claim minorities face every day. They don’t apply their race-baiting logic to cisgender white men and get a sick thrill from seeing them be attacked. 

However, this also shows that the DNC has not learned its lesson from their failure in the 2016 presidential election. In voting for Donald Trump, the majority of Americans let Democrats know that they are sick of the left making everything about race, gender and creed, as they have been since the dawn of Barack Obama’s presidency. Most Americans want to be judged for the quality of their work when applying for jobs, not for the color of their skin. 

Clearly, the DNC has not gotten the picture and fully intends to remain on this trajectory through the next election. If they continue with this strategy, they shouldn’t be surprised if they lose to Trump once again in 2020.

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