DJ Spindella is not happy about that Lifetime Salt-N-Pepa movie

Salt, Pepa and DJ Spindrella together in 2018, shortly before the latter's dismissal from Salt-N-Pepa.

Salt, Pepa and DJ Spindrella together in 2018, shortly before the latter’s dismissal from Salt-N-Pepa.
Photo: Roger kiss ()Getty Images)

Before noon Lifetime releases their new film Salt-en-pepa, As the name suggests, is a biopic covering career ups and downs Rap’s first Grammy-winning, platinum-selling all-female group. Unlike some lifetime projects that have been out of woodwork over the years, Salt-en-pepa Mostly Authorized – that is to say, it was produced and co-written by Salt and Pepa (and co-produced by their old pal Rani Latifa), but No, By trio East third Member, DJ. Spinderella. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that Spinderella (aka Didre Roper, who joined the group soon after dropped her debut album in 1985, And who spent more than 30 years as his DJ) Was expelled from the group in 2019, after which he sued Salt and Pepa. On unpaid royalty charges. (The lawsuit eventually went to arbitration.)

Given his integral role The success of the group, it is surprising that the film has roper Monique played by Jasmine Paul. It is also amazing that the real roper is not Particularly happy about their inclusion, the retirement of the film, including, among other things, taking to Twitter today to write Words cannot fully express my disappointment when I decided to move forward with a lifetime biopic, which has unfairly excluded me from every aspect of development and production … ” Paul, though.)

As it happens, Salt and Pepa spoke this week (in part) about Spandella’s removal from the group. Talking Breakfast Club Yesterday, Cheryl “Salt” James revealed to Rekha that she and Sandra “Pepa” Denton were already an established act when Spanderella was added to the group by producer Herbie Azor, And he was the roper forever one “Set” to an established dynamic, which dates back to Duo’s high school years. Particularly difficult reading between the lines, tThat is the implication That spin Never was, and never was going to be, an equal member of the partnership, and that certainty eventually rejected him. (You can watch this part at 14:35 in the video below.)


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