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DJ Pauly D talks about "Smiling Housewives", "Jersey Shore Cast", "Double Shot at Love" and more

Pauly d It was an open book during a presentation Thursday night on "Watch What Happens Live," which talked about everything that stars in the reality that would "blush" and the status of his famous Prince Albert penis piercing.

Andy Cohen He started things by asking a series of questions about his "The Jersey Shore" and in which of them he would like to be there for him in various situations, like getting him out of jail (Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi), joining him in a trio (Ronnie Ortiz-Magro "because I think he's single") and even gets hooked directly.

Andy fixed that election to Deena Cortese or Snooki, which made Pauly feel uncomfortable immediately. "Those are my sisters, oh man," he said. But after a few moments of thinking about it, he decided on the perfect solution: "Trio!"

Pauly was even asked which of the OG boys got hooked with most of the girls during his MTV heyday, he or Mike "The situation" Sorrentino. At first, Pauly advocated totally for the fifth, but that only lasted a second … and this is not that game anyway, Pauly!

"Me, Mike was a savage in his day," admitted Pauly. "So maybe he."

The situation of the prison

Now, of course, Mike is behind bars, so a questioner asked him how he was and Pauly said he was really surprised by the reality of this prison compared to his preconceptions.

"I went to visit him and I thought that they would like, basically, to do a search and things like that," he said. "It was not the case, it was very relaxed." He said that he was even allowed to take his phone with him during the visit.

As for Mike, Pauly said: "He's happy, he's positive, he's so happy that he's overcome it and he just wants to leave … It's almost over." Mike is scheduled to be released on September 12.

Housewives & # 39; smiling

During the show, Andy set what he thought could be a fun game by showing Pauly a series of photos of various "Housewives" from the other side of the franchises to see which ones you want to invite back to the Smush room.

But this is Pauly D at 38 years of age, not the bad boy of 20 or something who did parties at the "Jersey Shore" from 2009 to 2012.

Either way, we go through images of Sonja Morgan, Cynthia bailey, Ramona singer, Vicki Gunvalson, Porsha Williams, Bethenny Frankel, Barbara Kavovit, Kelly Dodd Y Tinsley Mortimer. Pauly's response to each of them was delivered with growing laughter: "Smushy!"

Honestly, how do you expect the boy to dislike one of these women like that on national television? Of course, I was going to say that everyone could be smiling, unless I wanted to create a "Housewives" fight with the "Shore". Actually, we would be at a "RHONJ" junction with the "Shore" gang. Maybe Pauly could move on and offer to crush them all.

Prince Albert

Girlfriends and connections have been talking about it for years, but Andy Cohen wanted to hear it from the DJ's mouth, so he asked Pauly, "Is it true that you pierced your penis?"

Since it makes no sense to lie about that now, Pauly readily admitted it. But when Andy marveled at having a Prince Albert (we will not explain it here, good people!), Pauly clarified the time.

"Not anymore," he said. It turns out that this was one of those decisions you make when you're a young "rock star" who wants to live a rock star lifestyle and, as Pauly said, "have a rock star penis".

Then, why did you remove it? "I got tired of that and I took it out," he said.

Double shot to Nikki

An interlocutor asked Pauly D about his recent participation in the MTV dating show "Double Shot at Love," which ended in late June. On the show, Pauly and his "Jersey Shore" co-star Vinny Guadagnino reduced a group of contestants in an attempt to find love. Vinny was able to choose someone, but since then they split up, but Pauly ended the show by eliminating his two finalists, including Nikki Hall.

Nikki gained some notoriety among fans of "Jersey" when she shared a lot of text messages that, according to her, were between her and Pauly, refuting his position that there was simply no connection between them. She states that the messages show that he was as inside her as she was with him. If they are his, she has a solid argument.

So it was really a big question to let her know that she was leaking those messages and find out where Pauly is with Nikki today. "We left in bad conditions," Pauly said. "We talked a bit after the show, but in reality it was never anything and I think that really angered her."

The closest he came to addressing any of the details was when he said: "I saw a lot of red flags there, so I distanced myself and kept that, moving away from all that." In other words, it's not going to spill that tea. You can almost feel Andy's sadness from here. Hates when the tea stays firmly in tea cups.

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