Disturbance over fatal police shooting in Lancaster, 8 arrests, 4 from outlying counties

Lancaster, Pa. The police arrested eight people on Monday morning, tied to the unrest that followed the fatal police firing of Ricardo Munoz.

Police said officers responded to the scene after reports of a domestic disturbance. The county district attorney said the bodycam video showed 27-year-old Munoz assaulting an officer with a knife and was shot multiple times.

The fatal shooting prompted more than 100 protesters to take to the streets outside the police station. According to officials, the protesters threw various items at the officers and damaged the building, a parked vehicle and a nearby post office.

Black Lives Matter protesters blocked West Chestnut Street on North Prince Street near Lancaster city police station on Sunday. September 13, 2020. Blaine Shah, LNP / LancasterOnline via AP)

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Police said, “We have also been receiving calls from the owners of the downtown business since morning.

Authorities said four suspects were from outside Lancaster County and two were armed with handguns during protests that turned into devastating riots.

Charges filed against the eight included arson, institutional vandalism, carrying a firearm without a license, rioting, disorderly conduct, disobeying trespass and obstructing highways and other public roads.

LANCASTER Proctor built the bridge at the Police Station station during the shooting of Brisk, the Neni-Wilding man.

Police said two of the suspects – Jamal S., 24, of Lancaster. Frank Gaston, 43, of Newman and Ephrata, was listed as homeless and on probation.

Others charged during the unrest include Barry Jones, Yoshua D., 30, of York. Montague, 23, was Matthew Modderman of York, 31, Talia Gesner of Lancaster, York, Catherine Patterson, 20, of York, 20, and Taylor, 18, of York. Entheim, the 20th pass of Mannheim.

Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams said on Monday, “This office fully supports the right to assemble and protest peacefully, however, the riotous behavior demonstrated last night is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated . ”

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Police said that the handcuffs were recovered by the officers after the arrest and additional charges are likely to be filed.

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