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The Andrew Marr Show

Andrew Marr often gives a long and meandering introduction to the weather during his show, but it was a different type of forecast that was of interest today.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies & # 39; Paul Johnson was on the show to remind us that no matter how depressing the recent growth forecasts, in reality, it is probably much worse than that. The Office of Budgetary Responsibility is usually too optimistic in its projections, not pessimistic, he said.

"Great range of uncertainty" – @PJTheEconomist says that the economic future after Brexit "could be worse than what is suggested" #marr pic.twitter.com/ FADH63buXC

– The Andrew Marr Show (@MarrShow) November 26, 2017

The last incarnation of Barry Gardiner & # 39; s Brexit's position was in the program. The Secretary of International Development Shadow had previously said that it would be a disaster to stay in the customs union after Brexit, and to remain in the Single Market would leave the United Kingdom as a "vbadal state".

Speaking to Marr, he said that the Labor had not ruled to stay in any "off the table". He said Labor recognized the benefits of staying in "a customs union" with the EU

. @BarryGardiner says #marr single market options and a "unfinished" customs union table " pic.twitter.com/ljpOvZ87fL

– The Andrew Marr Show (@MarrShow) November 26, 2017

Gardiner also could not say when a Labor government would be paid the budget deficit.

Ruth Davidson was sent to bat for the Tories, and the Scottish Conservative leader she did a good job without saying anything of any real value to the news.

However, she said that not securing the details of a post-Brexit transition phase as soon as possible would be "a setback".

Yes we do not pbad to the next phase in #Brexit we talk about that we are "quickly" going to run out of time "- @RuthDavidsonMSP tel #Marr pic.twitter. com / EKAudjogRo

– BBC News (United Kingdom) (@BBCNews) November 26, 2017

At a symbolic moment, Archbishop of York John Sentamu put on the dog collar again, ten years after cutting it on the Andrew Marr show in protest of the government of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

. John Sieenamu puts his dog collar back, almost 10 years after he cut it in #Marr in protest against Robert Mugabe. #Zimbabwe pic.twitter.com/wFCfLvUa9a

– The Andrew Marr Show (@MarrShow) November 26, 2017

Sunday with Paterson

Secretary of Commerce International Liam Fox appeared in the queue of New Zealand. He said that it is in the interest of the EU as much as that of the United Kingdom to reach a Brexit agreement.

The Government "is not afraid" of an agreement #Brexit says the Minister of International Trade ] @LiamFox #Paterson pic.twitter.com/vWJEtqlEBb

] – Sunday with Paterson (@RidgeOnSunday) November 26, 2017

On regulations, Fox said that consumers "would not allow" the government to relax the standards and trump card of the United Kingdom when it comes to of commerce is quality.

"We would not like to see our standards reduced" – @LiamFox about post-Brexit trade and chlorinated chicken #Paterson pic.twitter.com/3Zxa7KH2SJ

– Sunday with Paterson (@RidgeOnSunday) November 26, 2017

Fox also doubled in the position of the United Kingdom on the border of Northern Ireland. He said that it was impossible to completely solve the problem of the Irish border until the nature of the trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the EU was completed, something that will not happen unless the government of Ireland gives its approval in December (it is a complete article). here).

The Secretary of International Trade, Liam Fox, tells Sky News that the Government does not want a hard border with Ireland #Paterson pic.twitter.com/iioSq56GVc

– Sunday with Paterson ( @RidgeOnSunday) November 26, 2017

Lib Dem Leader Sir Vince Cable said it was a "fair badessment" that Philip Hammond avoided "tails" in his budget.

How did Chancellor Philip Hammond do it? do in the autumn budget? Leader of Lib Dem Sir @vincecable gives his opinion #Paterson pic.twitter.com/SaHJp6Br1D

– Sunday with Paterson (@RidgeOnSunday) November 26, 2017 [19659008] Sir Vince said there was a 20% chance that the Brexit did not happen.

In his own party, Sir Vince had "a good degree of nostalgia for coalition" in the country given the current weak state of government.

Abrahams said that an increase in retirement age to 68 in 2037 was "completely inappropriate" as life expectancy rates have stagnated.

"It is completely inappropriate" for the government to raise the state's retirement age – Labor @Debbie_abrahams account #Paterson pic.twitter.com/2kUor2BZlL

– Sunday with Paterson (@RidgeOnSunday) November 26, 2017

Peston on Sunday

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby told Robert Peston that the food banks operated by the Church are seeing poverty at work firsthand.

. @JustinWelby explains what @c_of_e is seeing in the food banks at this time: "The job is not to get people out of poverty & # 39; #Peston pic.twitter.com/2lmZ3U2hDS

– Peston on Sunday (@pestononsunday) November 26, 2017

He said that the Church needs to see if, as a large landowner, it should to be doing more to alleviate the housing crisis. [19659015]. @Peston asks the Archbishop of Canterbury @JustinWelby if the @c_of_e as a landowner should do more to alleviate the housing crisis. #Peston pic.twitter.com/3BTLYptogm

– Peston on Sunday (@pestononsunday) November 26, 2017

On the tone of the debate on Brexit, the Archbishop touched on the headlines "That seem conditioned to provoke hatred" – citing the cover of "mutineers" of the Telegraph.

. @JustinWelby gives us his opinion on the recent Brexit headlines #Peston pic. twitter.com/FyWcX9S0xM

– Peston on Sunday (@pestononsunday) November 26, 2017

The archbishop said he did not understand why so many Christians support Donald Trump.

. @ JustinWelby tells us what he thinks about Christian support for Donald Trump, but says he will meet with him if a state visit occurs. #Peston pic.twitter.com/6eJh73WRZU

– Peston on Sunday (@pestononsunday) November 26, 2017

John McDonnell repeated Barry's comments Gardiner on Marr that single market and membership of the customs union should be on the table in the Brexit talks. This is despite saying in June that people "would interpret belonging to the single market as not respecting that referendum".

Reacting to @LiamFox @johnmcdonnellMP explains the position of the work in the customs union and Irish border after Brexit. #Peston pic.twitter.com/bwLFZHp44e

– Peston on Sunday (@pestononsunday) November 26, 2017

McDonnell had fun at Peston's expense, citing the recent political editor ITV Reserve as a reason to borrow more money to invest in infrastructure. There is a full report here.

. @Peston drives @johnmcdonnellMP on the additional cost of low borrowing @UKLabour investment plans. #Peston pic.twitter.com/8I9GYoPgvs

– Peston on Sunday (@pestononsunday) November 26, 2017

Pienaar & # 39; s Politics

In Radio 5Live, Shadow Women and the Minister of Equality Dawn Butler broke Theresa May's record of helping women.

Sunday Politics [19659014] Manchester Metro Major Andy Burnham criticized the government for only committing £ 12 million to the costs of the Manchester terrorist attack, calling it "unsatisfactory". He said "we got our answer and it was not good enough".

He said he would contact the Prime Minister to say: "Let's fix this correctly."

Burnham: "I'm afraid it's not satisfactory, it falls short, I do not see why the government is not covering our costs in full, so, as I said at the beginning, I would never do politics on this issue, but we got our answer and it was not good enough, I had to make our position very clear, I will only answer the prime minister saying that we solve this correctly, the public services here should not be out of pocket as a result of this, and I just hope we can now get a full agreement on all our government costs. "

He also said that the system to allocate transport spending "is partial against the North."

"The country is centered in London" @AndyBurnhamGM says "the system is partial against the North" #bbcsp pic.twitter.com/ 7kC2YgqUTn

– BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics (@daily_politics) November 26, 2017

Former Conservative Party President Grant Shapps said that his "opinions have not changed" since he tried to organize a leadership challenge to Theresa May last month.

After the conservative conference, Shapps publicly expressed his hope that May would resign as party leader, and said that a growing number of his colleagues realized the solution The idea was not to bury their heads in the sand and wait that will improve.

He was asked if he had changed his mind and if things would improve, and he replied: "Well, to begin with, I absolutely believe that colleagues should be both: a) to allow points of view and b) to be able to express those points of view And my views have not changed.

"However, I also accept the reality of the situation that is, you know, we are in a very delicate period here with these Brexit negotiations gone. Six weeks ago it was six weeks ago. "

He said he thought and hoped there would be" a new kind of attitude from the center [of government] that says: let's work together, let's not talk briefly about the Chancellor and not brief against the others ".

He also praised the Budget of Hammond:

. @grantshapps says that Philip Hammond was "optimistic" about the economy in # Budget2017 "No words we're used to hearing" "from the Chancellor # bbcsp pic.twitter.com/BcuB9u17kG

– BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics (@daily_politics) November 26, 2017

Former Secretary of Northern Ireland – and Brexiteer – Owen Paterson said it is "a myth" that someone wants a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

"Not a single person has said that the border presents a problem" @OwenPaterson in his previous visits to Northern Ireland #bbcsp pic.twitter.com/uMZxXQ0uEL

] – BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics (@daily_politics) November 26, 2017

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