Disneyland employees, fans protesting the rally outside the theme park for months

ANAHEIM, California, (KABC) – Fans, employees and others rallied outside of Disneyland on Saturday morning in the hope of pressuring state officials to reopen the theme park, which closed since March 14 due to COVID-19 Has been done
Ubiquitous epidemic.

A few weeks after this rally, Disney announced that it would lay off 28,000 employees due to the reluctance of Gov. Newson and other state officials.One employee said, “We want to see Disneyland again. I am one of 28,000 artists who have been removed for the moment. I have been absconding since March.” “If Disneyland is open worldwide, then why can’t Disneyland open in Anaheim? I think the governor needs to give us a chance to open, and they keep asking but he keeps pushing the bar back.”

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Despite remaining Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney is open for business.

Newsom has said it is taking a cautious stance to reopen California’s economy due to a major spike in coronovirus cases, which lasted for weeks and resulted in a second shutdown after several businesses closed again.Related: Taking Off Toll on Anaheim Economy When Disneyland Closes

City News Service contributed to this report.

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