Disney World Discovery Island Manhunt video released

Footage released by Clickorlando.com shows a manhunt by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for 42-year-old Richard McGarr as he tensed for days on Disney’s Discovery Island.

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The footage shows the OCSO use helicopters and a boat in addition to walking. Not only do you see the manhunt for Meggire, but you also glance at a discovered Discovery Island.

Watch the video here:

Officers exploring the island with guns calling for McGuire. Clearly there is no chance. A call to Mcguire “Get the Orange County Sheriff’s Office out of your hands, do it now!” While you can hear the helicopter in the background.

One official even goes on to say that “the best game of concealment”

McGuire searched for over an hour before surrendering.

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McGuire took the opportunity to camp on Discovery Island when Walt Disney World was closed for a month. Once he was caught, he told authorities that it was a “tropical paradise”.

Discovery island

We speak of Discovery Island to be a “tropical paradise”, but we can refer to what Discovery Island calls it. Discovery Island is in the middle of Bay Lake at the Walt Disney World Resort. The island is accessible only by boat. It was once called “Treasure Island” and was themed for the guest to pirate before taking on a new personality as the animals of Discovery Island. Discovery Island closed on 8 April 1998 and has since been abandoned. As you can see in the video, it is very high and buildings are standing but not laid.

Man caught camping at Deserted Disney Property

Price for stresspassing

As we reported earlier this year, he was accused of molesting Disney property after McGuire’s arrest and was banned from re-footing. Their criminal case is still on trial while they continue to post more videos of their time on Discovery Island as reported by WGM News 6

We will continue monitoring this story as soon as they appear to bring you updates.