Disney video of ‘Rattouli’ ride at Disneyland Paris is pumped up for Epcot

We are all patiently waiting for more news about Disney Ratatouille Ride set to bump Epcot soon, and while I have no news about it today, Disney DID dropped a small piece to Remy’s fans this week, sharing a cute video of their current Discovered Ratatouille Ride.

Disney, for those who don’t know, Disneyland is a ride in Paris Ratatouli: The Adventure, Who puts riders inside small rat-shaped cars, gives them a remy-shaped shape and sends them on an adventure through Gusto’s restaurant. Although you can certainly find some blurry rides of this attraction on YouTube, it is clearly crystal clear and completely Disney approved.

The video doesn’t completely get you to start all over, so no worries over the spoiler, but it gives you a little more of what we can expect from Epcot Ride (it’s not clear if they Will be exactly the same but cars look very similar!). Disney’s video gives you a lot of interesting stories about this ride, including the fact that Pixar animators made all the videos for the ride, and that in the “Refrigerator” section, you’ll see about 25-foot tall stuff Fish and a ton of ham.

Sure, it’s not the same as you’ll feel when you’re finally able to ride for yourself with Remy, but this video is sure to make you more excited about the day when you Finally can… plus when you tell all your friends that this is different and similar to the Disneyland Paris ride, you can actually feel better. You are so cool!

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