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Disney star Adam Hicks is accused of a series of robberies

UPDATE : E! News can confirm Adam Hicks has been indicted and is now facing three counts of felony attempted robbery in the second degree and two counts of felony robbery in the second degree.

If convicted, the former Disney star faces a possible maximum sentence of more than 60 years in state prison. The bond was set at $ 550,000.


Disney Star Adam Hicks was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of armed robbery.

The 25-year-old actor who starred in the Disney XD shows Zeke and Luther and Pair of Kings as well as in the original 2011 Disney Channel movie Lemonade Mouth and Danni Tamburro [19659013] a 23-year-old actress was arrested at 2 p.m. m. in Burbank, north of Los Angeles. A police spokesman told E! News that the officers arrested the two for allegedly carrying out several armed robberies in the city. No injuries were reported from victims. The bail was set at $ 350,000 for each.

Hicks and Tamburro seem to be a couple, based on photos that both published on social networks in recent months.

Police said in a statement that one of the alleged victims was a 52-year-old man, who said that a gunman with a gun demanded his wallet at gunpoint. The victim was able to flee.

Police said that while officers were investigating the incident, three additional street pedestrian robberies minutes after each other in Burbank. All the victims provided similar descriptions of the suspect and his vehicle: a dark colored Kia with at least two occupants.

Moments later, a witness told police they discovered a vehicle that matched that description. The officers located the car and arrested a woman related to at least one of the robbery suspects. Inside the vehicle, they found property belonging to one of the victims of the robbery, and they also found additional stolen property in a nearby area.

Police said in their statement that after 1 pm, detectives were taken to a home believed to be linked to the suspects and that due to the nature of the crimes, SWAT Team members helped to meet a registration order in the residence. Hicks and Tamburro, who is suspected of being the driver, were arrested at home and imprisoned in prison for armed robbery, police said. Other stolen property was found inside the residence during the service of the search warrant, they added.

Hicks and Tamburro remain in jail as of Thursday morning and have not commented on their arrests. Both must appear in court on Friday.

Records show that Hicks was arrested twice in the Los Angeles area, in July and September of 2017.

TMZ said the first arrest was for allegedly firing a gun, while the second was for battery, and prosecutors rejected both cases due to insufficient evidence. Tamburro has no prior arrests in Los Angeles on his record.

(Originally posted on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 10:14 a.m. PST)

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