Disney should reveal private compensation documents in a pay-equity class action lawsuit

The Walt Disney Company has taken a hit in a pay-equity class-action lawsuit in 2018 when House of Mouse was slapped.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled on September 25 that Disney should provide an outline of private documents on how their corporate compensation is excluded.

Disney is facing two major lawsuits from workers – one on gender-based pay discrimination towards female employees and the other on paid equity at Disneyland.

On April 3, Walt Disney Studios employees Laoranda Rasmussen and Karen Moore began legal action in an effort to get back pay, gain benefits, and other compensation.

Declaration of fight under 2 possible class-action laws in CALIFORNIA

It was revealed that Disney appointed consultants in 2017 to conduct a pay equity study within the company and now the plaintiffs want to see the documents.

Shawna Swanson hired the firm Willis Towers Watson to study at Disney as general counsel, which included 33 employees, but Disney is arguing that the findings fall under attorney-client privilege.

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In December, a group of Disneyland workers filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that the Anaheim resort is in breach of the 2018 city ballot by failing to pay its workers living wages. The group claims that Disneyland violated the requirements of “Measure L”, which states that any hospitality business located in the resort district of Anaheim and paying workers a minimum of $ 15 per hour if benefiting from the city’s subsidies Will happen.

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Disney agreed in 2018 with some union employees to increase their minimum wage to $ 15. But the employees filing the lawsuit say either through that agreement or through “Measure L” that there is no lifting for them.

“We kept looking at our pastb every month for the first month or two,” Tom Brey, who rang a bell at the Disneyland Hotel, told LAST. “Eventually we find out, well, they are not going to pay us.”

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The “Measure L” minimum wage rule from the City of Anaheim applies to employers who receive publicly funded subsidies, such as tax exemptions. Disney spokesman Liz Jaeger told LAist, “The Union Coalition is well aware that city attorneys have looked into the issue before and have clearly stated that the measure does not apply to the El Disneyland Resort.”

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