Disney Plus Sets US Price Increase, First Hike in History

Disney Plus will cost slightly more for streamers in the US starting this Friday.

Starting March 26, 2021, Disney Plus will be priced in the US at $ 7.99 per month, a dollar more than the current $ 6.99, or $ 79.99 per year, compared to the $ 69.99 from the previous annual plan. It is the first time the company has increased rates for US customers since Disney Plus debuted in November 2019.

Plus, the three-way bundle that includes Disney Plus, Hulu with ads, and ESPN Plus (available in the US only) is increasing to $ 13.99 per month, also a dollar more.

The Mouse House most recently reported that it surpassed 100 million Disney Plus subscribers earlier this month. About 30% of global Disney Plus subscribers have come through Disney Plus Hotstar in India and Indonesia, which has a much lower average price than other regions.

Disney Plus has exploded thanks to the tremendous power of the media conglomerate’s brands, including Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Disney Channel, and Disney Studios, as well as blockbuster originals like “The Mandalorian” and “WandaVision.”

But another big reason for Disney Plus’ meteoric takeoff was its relatively low price of $ 6.99 / month. To that end, even with the highest monthly price of $ 7.99, Disney Plus is still substantially lower than competing services, including Netflix ($ 13.99 per month for the standard plan) and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max ( $ 14.99 per month).

In Canada, meanwhile, the price of Disney Plus jumped to $ 11.99 CAD per month (up from $ 8.99 CAD) last month.

In Europe and the UK, Disney Plus prices increased last month for new or expired subscribers, rising to € 8.99 per month (from € 6.99) in Europe and £ 7.99 per month (from £ 5.99) in the UK as of February. 23 with the launch of Star. Disney said it would not increase rates for existing Disney Plus customers in Europe and other international regions until August 2021.

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