Disney Plus is slowly rolling out a new party watch feature, GroupWatch

Disney is currently testing a new feature that will allow Disney Plus customers to create smaller private watch parts.

Screenshots of the feature first started appearing on Disney Plus subreddit yesterday. Seen below, the feature appears to be that a maximum of six people can join the party. Another screenshot shows a new icon that appears on the title page of a film or TV show, prompting the GroupWatch function.


The ledge It has been confirmed that Groupwatch is being tested for some Disney Plus customers in Canada right now, but the company hopes to roll out the feature in other markets with a slump. This feature allows people to stream any film or TV show on Disney Plus as long as all the participants are not Disney Plus subscribers.

Disney is far from first to create a private viewing party option for customers. Amazon Prime Video rolled out a similar device for its customers earlier this year, allowing up to 100 people in a single viewing session. Amazon’s facility, called Watch Party, allows anyone in the United States to co-stream thousands of titles, including both licensed series and movies, along with the original series. Earlier, Amazon also rolled out Twitch Watch Parties, which allows Twitch streamers to host public viewing parties with their customers. The only catch is that everyone watching must be an Amazon Prime member, and the title must be available in their own specific region.

There are a variety of third-party web browser extensions that allow people to connect their Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, and other subscriptions so that they can watch movie and TV shows with friends, like a screener. The screener was one of several watch party tools that saw a spike in use over the past few months as people stuck at home leaned into watch parties to be with friends. With streaming on the rise, it is clear that more companies want to give customers the ability to host their own events inside the app.