Disney Park moves towards inclusion, changes park greetings

If you’re a Disney fan, you’ve probably been to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, watched countless hours of park vlogging, or are dreaming of a visit to what some consider to be the most incredible Disney parks in the world. .

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Because Disney doesn’t actually own the resort, and Oriental Land Co. does, some things are quite different, and the detail that has been put into Tokyo Disneyland Resort is astonishingly impressive. That being said, as we mentioned, because the resort is not owned by Disney (although theme parks are considered Disney parks and are licensed by Disney), Tokyo Disney Resort has the ability to change some of its practices on its own.

Polynesian Terrace Tokyo Disneyland
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More recently, it has been reported that both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea have been changing the welcome announcements that Guests hear at various lands and attractions to be more accommodating to all Guests entering the theme parks. Instead of greeting Guests by saying, Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, ”theme parks now say,“ Hello everyone, ”moving toward a more inclusive statement that applies to people of all genders.

The epic ticket to Tokyo DisneySea
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A spokeswoman for Oriental Land Co. reportedly pointed out the reason for the change. Below is his statement, translated from Japanese:

“Continuously for all the guests. So that you feel comfortable in the park. “

Officials also shared the following information about the modified theme park salute:

“It is a comprehensive judgment considering the current social situation as diversity. Currently information on parades and shows, the Country Bear Theater at Tokyo Disneyland and the Enchanted Tiki Room. Some attractions, like Stitch Presents ‘Aloha e Como Mai’, have already changed. “

Tower of Terror, Tokyo DisneySea
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By changing the greeting to say “Hello everyone,” Tokyo Disneyland Resort no longer limits greetings to men and women, but theme parks make it clear that their ads include everyone, of all genders. As the Huffington Post Japan noted, not all Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea attractions and areas have fully transitioned to this new phrase, however, eventually, it will be a universal saying in both theme parks.

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Since the change in greetings at Tokyo Disney Resort was made by Oriental Land Co. and not The Walt Disney Company, it is not an indication that Disney Parks in the US will change their greetings. However, Disney, as a company, is pushing for greater inclusion and representation across the board, which you can read about here.

What do you think of Tokyo Disney Resort’s push for inclusion in its theme parks?

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