Disney faced heat for Mulan credit, thanking the Chinese government

IMulan / i has increased illustration for an article titled Disney to thank Chinese government agencies Is facing increased heat thanks to Chinese government agencies.

Photo: Disney

Disney’s live-action Mulan The film continues to have a headache that continues this week. Three hearted Report That mass entertainment The company has come under scrutiny for the film’s decision to film and thank the government of Xinjiang region of China. Said critics point out that the film’s credits in particular clearly indicate Trump thanks in part to the Xinjiang Public Security Bureau, an organization that has become notorious in recent years for operating “re-education” camps targeting the region’s Uyghur Muslim population, The number which has reportedly been reported as high as one million people Buried.

Mulan Before the release of last week, it had suffered a lot of censors, Thanks for participating in social media posts Created by Star last year Liu Yifei seemed to support Hong Kong police against protesters in city. Xinjiang officials naming the filmAnd its desire to film in a region Camps operate in large numbers, Which some have termed as “cultural genocide” –Is now All were stopped from human rights The group, for right-wing legislators (including bearded potato Ted Cruz), condemns Disney as blind to the actions of the Chinese government in the region.

Disney has so far refused to comment on the backlash against the film (which is also But very ugly Chinese box officeObviously, despite apparently being designed to appeal in part The country’s massive film market). The boycott movements against the film have continued to build worldwide including the US, Thailand, TaiwanAnd Hong Kong.